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Three Legends in United’s New Away Strip – Wallpaper

How many years ago was it when United committed to only changing their kits every two years?

Maybe that did only include the home shirt but even that gets changed every year now, tradition and continuity has gone out of the window to satisfy the insatiable modern day consumer of football and all its paraphernalia. Once upon a few years ago there would be uproar from parents at the constant renewing of a T-Shirt that costs a whopping £45.00.

To be fair to the designers though, on this occassion (unlike the occassion when they made a total mess of the new home shirt) they’ve come up trumps in my opinion. This new away shirt ticks all the boxes for me, what do you think?

Thanks as usual to @MuadhKalbani for the image design. Download the full size version on our Facebook page, makes for a great wallpaper.