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Thomas Zilliacus could consider buying Liverpool if Manchester United bid fails

Finnish entrepreneur Thomas Zilliacus has revealed that he is ‘deadly serious’ about buying Manchester United.

However, the 69-year-old is keeping his options open and has admitted he could switch attention to Liverpool.

Zilliacus emerged as an interested bidder in the Old Trafford club a few days ago.

He has joined Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad al-Thani and Sir Jim Ratcliffe in the race for a full takeover.

However, Zilliacus wants to buy half of the club, with the other half bought by the fans.

If his attempt fails, he could look to buy the Reds instead.

“Look, we would definitely be exploring other options,” the Finn told journalist Ben Jacobs when asked if he could move for Liverpool.

“And my brother-in-law would be very happy because his team is Liverpool.

“Yes, we would be looking at other opportunities and we have been looking at other opportunities earlier also.

“Definitely if this, for whatever reason is one where the sellers say ‘No, we are not interested in what you are offering. We want to go with somebody else’, then we have to look elsewhere.”

The chairman and founder of Mobile FutureWorks, Newkia, YuuZoo Corporation has since submitted a bid.

Zilliacus posted on his Twitter account that he increased his bid to buy Man United last night.

He did so through XXI Century Capital – an investment firm owned by his holding company.

The former Nokia executive has proposed the model where Red Devils fans chip in a small fee for a 50/50 stake alongside him.

However, he has also informed Sheikh Jassim and Ratcliffe that he would be keen on owning a third of the club alongside them.

Zilliacus signed a non-disclosure agreement with Raine Group on Wednesday before his initial bid was accepted.

However, it remains to be seen if his bid is close to the £6 billion the Glazers want for the club.

Ratcliffe returned with a revised bid on Thursday and Sheikh Jassim’s own is on its way.

Man United owners could refuse to sell if their asking price is not met.

They will consider selling minority stakes if the new bids from the trio do not impress them.

As a result, Elliott Investment Management could end up pipping other interested parties by completing a partial takeover.

The American hedge fund tabled an offer for a minority stake in Man United on Wednesday night.

They had initially offered to only finance bidders but changed their mind after meeting with the club and decided to also bid for a stake.

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