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They think it’s all over. It will be tomorrow, one way or the other

One thing is for sure. At 6pm tomorrow Manchester will be awash with celebration, while in many pubs and homes some of its inhabitants will despair and wonder how it was possible for this to happen.

The only thing to determine is the colour of the people celebrating but following United’s recent stutter, it seems all but sure that the blue half of Manchester will lift the title.

Shouldn’t City win the title, they would face a terrible psychological backlash, according to Sir Alex Ferguson. The Mirror and the Sun run similar stories in which the United manager warns City of the possibility of facing “untold misery” should they fail to beat QPR tomorrow and should United win at Sunderland.

The Scot also claims that United will rise to the challenge poised by City, as they’ve done in the past every time that a new challenger has entered the stage, writes David McDonnell in the Mirror, despite taunts by Roberto Mancini that “City are a better team”, a story that finds space in the Guardian as well.

The Sun is on the same wave-length, reporting that Fergie has vowed to rebuild United again, to wrestle the title back next year and that United will need to spend at least £100 million in the summer, to be competitive.

The broadsheets are very much focused on the final day of the “best season in Premier League’s history” with the Guardian reporting that Fergie hopes QPR will do “an Aberdeen”, comparing tomorrow’s clash at the Etihad to when his Aberdeen side pulled off a massive upset by defeating Real Madrid in the final of the Cup Winner’s Cup in 29 years ago.

In the same article Fergie claims that even if City win the title, United “will not go away”, a story reported by the Telegraph as well, where the United manager says that his team will not surrender.

Perhaps unexpectedly, the Guardian lists six reasons why Manchester United can still win the title, but even die-hard Reds will fail to get too carried away even though, we have learnt to expect the unexpected in a season of unending drama, writes Richard Williams.


Daniele (@MUFC_dan87)

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