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The Ultimate Manchester United Stats Page

Well, not the ultimate, but if you want an objective snapshot of how well United are doing this season without bothering for all the analysis and gibberish that yours truly spouts forth in this site, look no further.

We have launched our brand new Stats and Match reports page dedicated to Manchester United. We feature the fixture list with the result and our match reports for the respective games. We also link to highlights to those games, which are of course hosted in some third party website. So in case they are broken, do not blame us. (Although, you could let us know.)

We also have an injury table, goal scorers/assists and a mini league table that will show 2 teams above and two below us. Although, honestly, we fervently hope we do not have to display any club above us, come the end of the season!

So go ahead and visit the page. We also greatly welcome suggestions to help improve the stats page to make it more comprehensive and at the same time, not too overwhelming.

Let us know what you think in the comments or via the Contact Form.