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The Chatroom Experiment

An open question to all the regulars:

Over the last few months I’ve learnt that you guys need somewhere to camp up for a few hours or a day or so. When new content is published in quick succession it makes it really hard to stick together in one place and chat away. With that in mind and the ‘brick-wall’ that is; getting a forum installed. I had an idea that you might like and find useful, me included.

Basically, if there’s a new post that needs publishing but there’s a post already gathering a lot of discussion and hasn’t run it’s course yet, I’ll set that to the chatroom post so you can easily find it in the new tab ‘Chatroom’. Once it’s run its course and people move on to the next post I’ll swap it when the time’s right.

It’s an idea that needs to be looked after manually and I’m happy to do that. The beauty of it is though is you can all help me operate it too. If you think or want a certain post to be in the chatroom then you’re more than welcome to request it. Just say the word and it won’t take me too long to replace the old one with the new one.

We’ll trial it for a bit anyway and see how we get on, it might prove a great idea or it might fall on its arse, either way we’ve had a go until I can get something more ‘chatroom stroke forum like’.

Cheers all, if you’ve got any comments let me know, any suggestions etc etc more than welcome.