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The Scholes-Sunderland connection is BS

Let me start this off by saying that the headline does nothing to convey my sympathies for the lady who gave birth to the cunt who dreamt of this rumour. Madam, I truly feel sorry for you.

Oh yes, where were we?

We have the 3rd best player in the Premiership – voted by his peers, mind you – going off to a newly promoted club because three players who have no Prem experience and are not the ‘finished articles’ are suddenly ahead of him in the pecking order.

What are you smoking? More importantly, who’s paying you money to write this, because to say that Keano has made a bid for Scholesy is a mark of disrespect towards Roy Keane (who has more class than to send in a 2m for a close friend who could still play for 2-3 years) and towards Paul Scholes, who’s worth more than that.

I’m not the biggest fan of Paul Scholes and given the choice, I’d replace him in midfield with someone who is faster and stronger. But I’m held hostage to Scholesy passing, to his excellent vision and his ability to tick over attacks and pop up in the right place at the right time.

Can’t ever have it all, can we? Get the players you want, and now the sales speculation starts.

No, Scholes is not leaving. Man Utd will sign Henry before Sunderland sign Scholes.

Unless…..Unless, Scholes wants to go.

But seeing how Giggs and Scholes play for United, I have no doubt that they want to be anywhere else. And Fergie wants those two at United next season, otherwise we can kiss the title defense goodbye.


I know, you guys have probably heard all this. I wasn’t going to touch this but someone mailed me a few links over the weekend and I looked at the story again and it just made me mad. Sorry for the grammar, etc.

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