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The Red Hot Roundup: Scholes, Eggy, FIFA, Evra

Manchester United CrestToday’s roundup was a little late thanks to some overwhelming response for our last post. But well, you can always trust the Scousers to be passionate about their stuff. Okay, enough compliments to them for the day. It was a struggle to be civil, mind you, but they didn’t do much flaming either. So we’re even I guess. 🙂

Speaking of flaming, I think I need to formulate some sort of a comment policy. (I have been lenient in general, allowing most posts to go through.) But I guess there will be cases where I will have to draw a line, and I will spell them out in a separate post.

Enough of that for now, on with the round up.

1. Paul Scholes is injured and has gone back to Manchester. Nothing can be said about the extent and nature about the injury. We’ll wait and see.

2. There is a good article on Times about Patrice Evra. And after reading that it made me like the lad even more. It is pretty inspiring stuff, I assure you: rags to riches, one might say. Some fans have pointed out that Heinze needs to take a leaf out of Evra’s book when it comes to demands for a first team place. But Heinze hasn’t really said anything official on whether he has a problem with being in United or not. We discussed that in the previous post.

3. Eggert Magnusson has apparently admitted that he sees Tevez leaving West Ham. That has come up on some Swedish newspaper, and is now all over the British media. We’ll have to wait and see how his departure from West Ham pans out.

4. And to make things a little more confusing, FIFA say they are not sure if they will be able to rule on the Tevez case. Of course, they wouldn’t know at the moment. The reason for the meeting today is to figure out if they will be able to rule on the case.

And as I write this United are 6-0 up against a rather poor Shenzhen FC. Six goals from six different players, Nani makes his debut. More on this later.

Till then…

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