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The Red Exodus | Rio Sure of Ron | Neville v Brown and Other Tales

Yesterday it came to everyone’s knowledge that 5 players from the United academy were released. A club statement was issued:

Midfielders Michael Barnes, Sean Evans and Ritchie Jones and defenders Kieran Lee and Michael Lea are all free to leave Old Trafford as of 30 June. Academy striker Chris Fagan and fellow scholar Conor McCormack have also been released.

The youth system was discussed in great detail yesterday, so I’ll spare you from another argument on the youth system.

Louis Saha wants to prove his fitness and stay on at United. I’ll give him credit for aiming to prove a point. But other than that his injury record has spoken enough that Fergie’s patience must have run thin by now. So sorry mate, we just can’t take any more chances with you.

And since this is a quiet day and will continue to be so, let me breeze through the rest for the day:

Gary Neville reckons he has a battle on his hands to force Brown off the right back position and reclaim it.

Rio Ferdinand is ‘sure’ that Ronaldo will return to United.

That’s all from me for now — aah, my head doesn’t feel right — a little rest and I’ll be ok. So off you go.

Till tomorrow.