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The Official Word on Heinze | Rooting for Real

The first part of this post will have a lot of gloating. Be Afraid. Very, very afraid! has finally broken its silence on the Heinze situation. In fact, Gaby Heinze has himself broken the silence over the situation. More on that and a little bit on Real Madrid today.

The official site claims that Heinze has decided to ignore all the transfer speculation surrounding him and concentrate on Argentina and Copa America:

“I know rumours of transfer offers have appeared, but that’s not a problem for me. My head is with the Argentina team and the Copa America.”

Well at this point it doesn’t say much about his intentions does it. But wait:

“Nobody at United has told me I’m not wanted next season,” Heinze told the Sunday Mirror. “I have just enjoyed one of the best years in my career [and the team] played sensationally.”

I effin’ told you so! Come on!

Heinze is clearly very happy here. He’s also tough enough to be bothered by the speculation. When we are prepared to stick our necks out and say he’s not leaving, we mean it. We have said this earlier on quite a few occasions and we will stick by it. (Unless he actually leaves!) So as I said (again) earlier, look for actual quotes by Heinze and not conjecture from the media.

That should be the end of the smug part of the post. Moving on…

No one can deny the La Liga (which by the way seems like taking ages to come to an end) this year has been exciting. From a personal point of view I really don’t care for either of the big two of Spain. Although I have had a soft corner for Barcelona (because of Ronaldinho). But this season I find myself pulled towards Real Madrid from a club point of view. That Ruud will earn United £500,000 if he wins the Spanish golden boot, or pichichi if you will (I believe he’s already done that). He will win United another £500,000 if that helps Madrid to the title. And United would win another million, from another old boy, Beckham because that is in his clause too. (Beats me why Madrid haven’t won a title ever since his arrival – darn Galacticos and Florentino Perez!)

And that should wrap up the post for the day. As an aside, the Tevez rumours grew and were subsequently quashed over the weekend. Funny, innit?

Anyhow, trust those rumours to crop up again.