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The Guardian’s 09/10 Season Package

The folks at the Guardian got in touch with us to inform our readers about their package titled, The Season. This is a preview package for the upcoming season and it includes comprehensive information and preview for all sides — and for our purposes, lots of Manchester United as well.

So here what they say about their package:

The Season Synopsis

The Season is the Guardian’s ultimate guide to the new football season and is free with the paper on Monday 10 August. As well as providing you with essential team-by-team information, the Season, also offers readers some off-the-wall and interesting critiques on the football league’s top teams. This all comes in a handy guide size, small enough to take to the terraces, but large enough to satisfy your appetite for endless stats and rumours.

Highlights include:

* Manchester United without Ronaldo

* Manchester City’s prospects after spending almost £100m in the summer

* Rafael Benitez, Liverpool’s history and their need for the title

* Foreign players’ experiences in England focusing on Wigan’s Roberto Martinez

* World Cup qualifying clips and great World Cup clichés

* Newcastle’s chances of getting out of a tough Championship

* Carlo Ancelotti’s Twitter page

* The Michael Owen-style brochures you might have missed

* The possible shift in power from the Premier League to La Liga

* ESPN and the BBC’s involvement in showing live football

* A funny look at the new and very complicated Europa League

* Uefa’s experiment with five referees per match

Also featured:

Premier League team-by-team guide and previews of the Championship/League One/League Two and the Scottish Premier League.

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