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The Glazers Really Don’t Care…

… which, of course, is blindingly obvious. But more significant is their flagrant disregard for a certain word called reality.

By now this is old news, but to refresh those of you not aware, there are reports that say the Glazers are likely to further increase ticket prices.

This in itself is no big deal; they have increased prices every year since their takeover. The context of the reports suggest that they are waiting till the prices reach such a point when no one in their right mind would want to come even close.

However, for supporters there might be hope. Even before these reports came out, MUST’s Green and Gold campaign claimed to have got a lot of supporters willing to not renew their season tickets. It’s quite possible that there will be a lot of undecided supporters around.

And if there is a significant number of them then this sort of a report ought to push them over the edge. (I am part hoping for that to happen, but I don’t think it’s entirely unfathomable.)

But the question is, how much of a boycott is enough to create any sort of dent to the Glazer steamroller?

I would agree with Stretty Ender on this, with whom I had a brief conversation about it on twitter the other day: he reckoned about 10,000 people at least should not renew. That is a serious dent. It’s enough cushion to ensure the day-trippers that visit OT, don’t make this sell-out. We’re already seeing matches with empty seats at OT. However, those seats despite being empty have been paid for in the pre-season itself.

The upcoming season will tell us a lot more. Green and Gold is all well and good for now, and might have even amused that family in Florida. However, if this campaign translates into underwhelming sales next season — it will be time for the Glazers, Gill et al, to turn off the autopilot ramp that’s been controlling their ticket price rise lately. Oh, and perhaps force them to consider the Red Knight cash on the table.

We’re dealing with an intransigent set of owners who, with the benefit of distance from the epicentre of protests, have remained unmoved. Change can happen only when it hits their bottomline.

But the war has just begun. And like most wars, this needs a lot of patience from fans.


A lot of you had questions on why this site has been dead, save for the preview posts [thanks, David!]. For the past two months I’d hit a creative rut where I didn’t really enjoy writing anymore. I mean, I enjoyed watching United. But the process of analyzing performances, writing my typical long winded reports, opinion pieces on players, just began feeling like a chore. I’ve had my share of the writer’s block in the past. But this seemed like it was going to last longer. It just didn’t feel right.

Maybe I needed my head to be cleaned. Maybe I needed a break from the blogging/debate part of it and just enjoy the football, take it in for what it’s all worth. And just, well, be a fan without the analysing part. I think the last month was like that. I think I am finding my way back, and hopefully things will be back to normal. But in the meantime here’s what I plan to do. I will invite reader submissions. Yes, you heard it. I will invite submissions. I will of course be very selective, and there is a chance I might edit them out to fit in my — what those editor types call — editorial vision.

Here’s the thing though. I am looking for specific themed posts, and not just about on anything. Here are some type of posts I want:

1. Pieces that are personal in the sense of how you became a Manchester United fan. And while you think it’s easy one to write, trust me, it’s not. It needs to be really evocative, inspiring and descriptive in the sense that one gets the feeling of being in those shoes. This is actually one of the harder themes to write about — or at least, hard to get through my scissors.

2. If you are a season ticket holder or used to be, or well, have been to Old Trafford — a post on one of your best match days. If you’ve been there, and are a good story teller, this should be doable.

3. Humourous posts. And actually this is as hard as number one, but this is entirely subjective. The humour needs to be pretty funny or at least work for me, before it goes in here. If you are not sure, then send it to me. If I don’t think it’s that outrageous enough, feel free to post it in your blog or in the comments. Irreverence works. Even the ability to laugh at United, as long as it’s in good taste, also works.

4. Research stats based topics: This is the slogger’s post. Where the number crunchers in you could do one. Again, your stats need to be well reasoned — not half-baked. And yet, shouldn’t be bogged down with stats to bore the reader to death.

5. Miscellany — this is a loose category where stuff which may fall in the above categories might fit. Or I may decide this post just works for me. I don’t want news-based articles. Or match reports for that matter. These articles are routine pieces and can be churned out quite easily. So no short-cuts.

Anyway, here’s the kicker though. I am leaving on vacation for three weeks; will be travelling on Saturday and Sunday which means I will miss the Liverpool match. Keep sending your entries, and I will hope to post them over the next couple of weeks or so. Although there’s no guarantee as of now on that.

But I’m sure, if I get good posts I will post them. If I don’t, you are free to post them in your blog, or submit them elsewhere. Remember to not take rejections personally. None intended. If you come back later, swearing at me for rejecting your magnum opus, I apologise, in advance.

Send your entries to: redrants [at] gmail [dot] com. In the subject put “Contribution Piece for Red Rants”

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