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The Glazers’ Busby Babes Tribute Madness – Sign the Petition

We all know how important Munich is to United fans. Which is why the 50th anniversary of the Busby Babes tribute assumes priority over anything for us. We also thought it was great to actually see the Glazers willing to allow the team to sport jerseys free of sponsors for the tribute game, incidentally against Citeh.

But after seeing this picture (posted below) I can’t help but cringe at the shallowness underneath it all that’s somehow made it up through the corridors of power that inhabit Old Trafford these days. Click Here to see the full enlarged image

Busby Babes Tribute

Doesn’t the appearance of the AIG logo stink? They got the shirt deal and all that. But it has been made clear everywhere that no one should be allowed to make any commercial gains from the Munich tribute. It is a tragedy that is meant to be beyond petty advertising and attention crabbing whores. It is for the families/players affected by the tragedy and for the fans.

And this is why the presence of the AIG logo, however inconspicuous they intend to make it look, concerns me. It shows a total lack of understanding on not just the part of the owners; we really don’t expect them to know too much, do we? But it is appalling that people like David Gill, who do have some say and understanding of the sentiments of fans, seem to have ignored this detail.

And not just that. How could they even get the words of United Calypso wrong? It’s okay if it was a typist rattling away on his keyboard trying to meet some article deadline. But in full blown panels that occupy the East Stand facade of OT that’s just unforgivable, and terribly negligent. It would certainly be grating for fans entering the premises.

Before I end my rant, here’s a petition (to take off the AIG logo) that I would request every one to sign. The official site has recognised the error of the text already and hope to correct it. So there is also a chance that the AIG logo could be taken down. So go ahead click here, and sign the petition. Quick.

I will come up with the match report later in the day. I haven’t forgotten that!

Update: The club has just issued a statement regarding the AIG logo.

“The commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Munich air crash has involved many different groups including the club’s partners. Each group has chosen to pay tribute in its own way. It is entirely appropriate that a partner as closely involved with the club as AIG would want to remember that extraordinary team, cut down in its prime. Key figures were consulted before the project was agreed, including the Busby family and all were supportive of what is a stunning and poignant tribute.”

That is hardly reassuring to me. It is very easy to say that you brought the Busby family on board for this one. You wouldn’t expect the Busby family, in their moment of grieving, to be too bothered to be saying anything about the details on how they wished to have their tribute. It is upto us fans and the management to give them the respect they deserve. So I really don’t like the sound of the club statement. To me it’s plain wrong to have a corporate logo on a tribute, however philanthropic they maybe. And in this case, I am pretty sure insurance companies don’t rank too high on the goodwill scale.