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The Day After Roma

It feels nice to be in the semi-finals for the second year running. We have a mouthwatering semi-final draw against Barcelona. For a change, I don’t feel the least intimidated about the Catalan outfit. Had we played them a couple of years ago, I’d have been quaking in my boots. But today’s Barca are unfortunately a poor imitation of their once all-conquering self. But one must also exercise some caution here. We must remember the Milan game of last year.

Milan were poor in Serie A last season but managed to win the Champions’ League. In recent times it’s been a trend where a team that has been dire in the domestic league has managed to turn it around in the Champions’ League. Barcelona are well behind Real Madrid in La Liga, and come April 23rd, they may be entirely ruled out of their title chances. So they may choose to rest players ahead of playing us.

However, to be honest, if Messi does not make it at Camp Nou, I don’t see how we could be threatened that much.

Oh well, on to some news today. Not too much I’m afraid other than stuff based on yesterday events.

Neville returns and speaks to MUTV

That was perhaps the best sight in a long time.The man steps onto the pitch to a hero’s welcome, dons the band and trots over to the midfield, and to tweak the once famous words of the current Governor of California, “I’m back!”. I just loved how everyone wanted him to come on, Anderson was so eager to get off the pitch and let out a smile, welcoming the skipper. It’s nice to see experienced campaigners returning to the squad at a crucial juncture and that could be the difference from last year.

Silvestre had a fair game and Evra can now breathe easy as he’s got a fellow Frenchman to give him a break. Silly may infuriate at times with his sudden mood shifts, but he certainly is a more natural left back than John O’Shea.

And noises have already sprung up from Catalonia, as Thierry Henry believes Barcelona can beat us. Hmm…

And that’s about it. Weekend brings another tasty encounter as we take on Arsenal. Just five more games to go. Win the next three and then we may not have to worry too much after that.

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