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My site was nominated for Best Sports Blog!Forgive us for our vanity, but allow us a little self indulgence here. I am sure a lot of you might even scoff at our cheeky little hope of expecting to become the best Manchester United fan blog, leave alone the Sports Blog of the year, given we haven’t even been here for that long, relative to other biggies, to command such a response. But we do acknowledge and believe that there are plenty people out there (at least that’s what our stats software wants us to believe!) who visit this site, and feel ‘enlightened’ by our coverage of all things concerning the Reds.

So here’s what we think you could help us do.

It would be an acknowledgment of our work so far, and would egg us on to better things over here at RR. So we beg, plead, ask, beseech you all to vote for us in the Blogger’s Choice Awards for the Best Blog of the Year in the Sports category. Click here or on the link in the image below (or on top) and vote for us. You will need to sign up to be able to vote, but trust me it’s mostly painless. Remember, all we need to be even considered by the judges or the powers that be, are 200 votes. I believe we can do that, hopefully. You see, if Man Utd are not on top of the premier league table, they could certainly be on top of the ‘Blog Table’ 🙂 (As an aside, Arseblog won it last year. So let’s make sure we win it this time round. Tell your friends too.) Tall order and all, I know, but it certainly is worth a try. Don’t you think?

My site was nominated for Best Sports Blog!

Just a reminder, you need to be logged in to vote. Once you are logged in and have voted, you can vote for other blogs too. Voting is a one click thing, so we highly recommend you vote for our partner site, Soccerlens too. Trust me, the guy(s) at Soccerlens have played a major part in shaping Red Rants the way it is today. So they deserve a vote too.