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The Arsenal View: Blog Chat With Arseblogger

Morning all. Another day goes as we build up towards the clash against Arsenal. Today we thought we could let in an Arsenal fan’s view about his team and thoughts ahead of the match. So I happened to catch up with Arseblogger of Arseblog, who is among the who’s who as far as Arsenal blogs go.

He was gracious enough to set apart some time for agreeing to an interview and answered my questions. Thanks Arseblogger.

So read on to see views from the other side.

Hello Arseblogger, thanks for agreeing to do this chat.

Red Ranter: Now that your team is top of the table and is playing some outstanding football did you honestly believe, at the start of the season – with all the boardroom uncertainty, the departure of Henry and the hacks that wrote the team off – that Arsenal would have been at the top of the table and unbeaten thus far?

Arseblogger: I was of the opinion at the beginning of the season that we probably needed to bring in a few more players than we did. Shows what I know. There are a lot of players who have stepped up this season when based on last season’s performances it wasn’t too unfair to think we might have a more difficult time of it.

No question the start to the season has been a bit of a surprise but a very pleasant one.

RR: What do you think has been the difference for your team this season, as we know that the team hasn’t significantly changed from last year?

AB: Cesc Fabregas – the fact that he’s added goals to his game has made such a difference to us. Last year we really struggled for goals from midfield. Apart from Gilberto nobody else really scored. Now we have Fabregas with 10 already, Rosicky and Hleb scoring some, and the strikers sharing them around. No question Cesc has been the driving force so far though.

RR: Which player has stood out for you, apart from Fabregas. And which player do you think has a big role to play this season in the big scheme of things — someone who hasn’t been that much in the limelight so far, but you think he might actually have a major role to play over the course of the season.

AB: I think Gael Clichy at left back has developed into a very good defender. We could still see a bit more from him in the attacking third of the pitch but he’s been consistently good. Also the new right back, Bacary Sagna, has come in and settled into the side like he’s been there for years.

I can’t not mention Alex Hleb either. He was a source of major frustration for a lot of fans last season but he’s been excellent this time around.

RR: Okay, I need an honest answer here. I know it’s a bit unfair to ask, but since this is for a United blog I’ll take this liberty: Name a United player you’d have liked in Arsenal.

AB: Of all time or the current United side? If it’s the current side I would have liked Tevez in the summer but his ownership situation was so complicated.

Of all time it’d have to be Gary Birtles. What a beard. I’m joking of course. It’d be Djemba-Djemba.

RR: Your favourite Man Utd – Arsenal game? Why?

AB: 1979 FA Cup final. Not because it was a great game but because it’s one of the first that sticks in my mind. From the happiness going 2 up to the despair at United’s two late goals and the joy of Sunderland’s late winner. Your readers won’t care to remember it but it’s just one of those games that’s etched into my mind.

RR: What do you think should be Arsenal’s preferred formation and approach? Do you think Arsene would go conservative and play to avoid defeat or would he continue with his fearless attacking approach?

AB: I’m not quite sure what’ll do to be honest. If Robin van Persie was fit there’s no question we’d play 4-4-2. It depends on whether or not he thinks Eduardo is ready for a game this big – the goals in midweek might just do that. If not I think we’ll play a 4-4-1-1 with Hleb just behind Adebayor. We’ll certainly attack though, that’s the way we play and that’s the way United play, which is why we’ve had so many great games between us in recent years.

RR: So what are your predictions for this weekend’s game?

AB: It’ll be nail biting.

RR: And finally, which position would spurs… oh I’m sorry, Sp*rs, end up, come the end of the season?

AB: I don’t really care, to be honest. Hopefully they’ll finish where they are now but at the moment they’re an irrelevance.

Thanks a lot Arseblogger, once again. Although we do hope your team lose out to us. 🙂

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