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The 07/08 Manchester United Kit Leaked?

While we see a lot of kits being revealed these days, our club has been relatively silent about the dates of their release. Plenty of sites and forums have popped up posting pictures of kits and most prominent of them have been the one showing Rooney apparently on a Nike commercial for Sky Sports.

Let me stick my neck out here. Don’t believe them, those kits are fake. You can trust me on this.

It is very simple really. Why would Sky Sports of all the channels, with big money invested in the Premier League, go to the extent of leaking out the kit to the world when the club has no intention, at least for the moment, of talking about unveiling the kits? The last thing a channel, the stature of Sky, would want is to be embroiled in a lawsuit with Manchester United and Nike, as well as the risk this might present in losing out their matches to Setanta (the other channel sharing the rights with Sky).

From what I’ve read around, July 12th seems to be about the date when they will likely release the kits. Ahmed pointed out to me that like last time, when they announced their kit at the beginning of the South Africa tour, they might do it this time possibly either at Japan, or at England just before leaving. That leaves any date between 12th to the 16th of July sound realistic.

Lots of forums have come up with another fake kit that showed a dark red and a light red shade on the shirt. Apparently the same kit is being discussed about in most of the other blogs too. Although this is one of the few blogs that will tell you that they are actually fake. 🙂

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