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Tevez, Hargreaves, Heinze | Anderson’s Work Permit

The week’s almost over and we sit down to decide how best to waste the time in the weekend. Football will certainly be among the to-do list nonetheless. So let’s quickly run through the news reports of the day.

Yesterday’s comment section was buzzing with reports of Tevez snubbing Inter. I must admit, I didn’t expect a snub so soon. But with Inter also apparently cooling off their interest, and Tevez asking to be given more time to decide on his future, nothing can be really known until the Copa America gets over. And going by the way a full strength Argentina spanked the American kids, they look like the most focused team of the tournament. I’m sure players like Tevez and Heinze would want to put their club future on hold for the moment.

If the situation presents itself, the only Premiership teams likely to snap up Tevez are United or Liverpool. Pool would only do so if their Torres move fails, while United might go ahead with the Tevez deal if the price seems right. (I know. We people at Red Rants love Tevez so much, that we might have even annoyed a few readers in the process! Kindly bear with our Tevez-worship) Some may talk up the chances of Arsenal landing Tevez, but then, tell me which striker is not linked with Arsenal these days?

Don’t bother answering that though. It’s a rhetorical question.

Moving on, Owen Hargreaves bid farewell to Bayern Munich, terming his time with the Bavarian giants, ‘a dream’, and wants to win everything with a club the level of Manchester United. While Michael Carrick says he enjoys life at the top, (as in life as Champions) and wants it to remain that way.

And, as expected, the first work permit application for Anderson was rejected and United have applied on Thursday with a result expected in 48 hours. If this fails, we will have to wait another year for him to return to United. The club have requested the six man panel to consider Anderson as a special case.

So we will have to wait and see.

Before we end this, a brief word on the Copa America game between Argentina and the USA. Gabriel Heinze had a role in two of the goals that Argentina scored, in a 4-1 rout of a second string United States side. One was a cross for Aimar’s header, while the other one was when he helped the ball over to Crespo’s path for the equaliser.

Update: And, as many have already pointed out, Anderson’s work permit has been granted.

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