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Tevez for £32m? Tevez Quotes Denied + Kaizer Chiefs Friendly

Everyone seems to agree that Manchester United have completed the signing of Carlos Tevez for £32m. Everyone, except the official site, who haven’t yet confirmed anything.

Just how they managed to get the exact figure remains to be seen, but £32m for Tevez? Really?

To be honest I hadn’t expected us to have signed him already; the gruelling South Africa trip does not strike me as the best time to negotiate with Tevez, his agent and that shady company that goes by the name of MSI on to a full time deal, but if they did manage to seal it there, then all power to them.

But back to my question: is Tevez really worth £32m? And if so how would Spurs rate Berbatov? All that said, a valid counterpoint to this argument would be that United spent £10m on his initial two-year loan deal. So there is a good chance that this sum may be included in the overall payments.

Meanwhile SAF has denied that Tevez made those quotes attributed to him. He’s gone out of the way to make those statements; so we’ll take his word on that. He also clarifies what he really meant by what was considered to be jibes on Chelsea’s old age.

And finally today we take on Kaizer Chiefs and then run to Nigeria to rake in £1.5m play another game in a gap of 24 hours. Insane, but that’s a small price to pay these days innit?