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Tevez expects ‘good reception’ at derby – yeah, right!

while, in other news, the pigs from Orwell’s Animal farm flew around the earth.

Carlos Tevez seems rather confident that he will get a good reception at Old Trafford (assuming he shakes off his injury and makes it). “I expect to have a good reception. While at United, I always gave my best and I had good relations with the fans,” he said. “They know I did everything while at Old Trafford to try to score the goals that would help the team win matches, so I don’t know why I should have a bad reception. What will I do if I score a goal? Well, I will be glad, but I don’t think too much about that right now.”

He seems to have ignored a minor detail — of his behaviour and public pronouncements of bitterness that have more than soured any good he may have done on the pitch for us. And for most part of last season, running around like a frightened hobbit and moaning to the press about his ‘mistreatment’ were the highlights.

Many United fans backed him even, in my opinion disgracefully, booing Ferguson for the Argentine’s sake. I hope, if it’s not booing, then at least a hostile reception should be in store for him.

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