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Tevez Can Play Alongside Rooney

Today’s rumours have been mostly in repeat mode with us linked with Tevez and Liverpool linked with Gaby Heinze. So we’ll save the speculation for another day.

Today we will talk about our favourite player once again, Carlos Tevez. If you are getting increasingly bored about Tevez worship deal with it. Or no. In fact, go away. Find another worthwhile article to read that does not talk about transfer rumours or something.

While we were saying yesterday that there are two clubs in the Premiership, namely Liverpool and Manchester United, that are capable of buying Tevez, news was filtering through that Pool had almost certainly acquired Torres. Now that would almost definitely keep only us in the race, if we are interested that is. Arsenal’s history, of parsimonious buys, means they would rather go for the likes of Anelka, Martins or Owen.

We won’t debate on whether he’ll come here, or not. But how he will be played, if he does come.

Whenever there is talk of Tevez there is this feeling that he is too similar to Rooney and will not complement him. I think there are a lot of misplaced notions with regards to that. I will try to break these myths if I can.

Tevez, like Rooney, isn’t good aerially.

I don’t think so. While, admittedly, Rooney isn’t a great header of the ball, I have seen plenty of diving headers from Tevez for Argentina and Corinthians. Sure, he’s not tall. He’s taken time to settle at West Ham and played at a deeper role. There, really, weren’t too many opportunities for him showcase his full array of skills. And honestly, he was playing in front of a shitty West Ham midfield that couldn’t give decent service to save their lives.

But more importantly, we play a much different style these days, as opposed to the days of the flying wingers and Beckham’s searching crosses. Lot’s of teams have succeeded (Barcelona, for one) without having players strong in the air. In a fluid formation, like our current one, a person strong in the air could be used to come off the bench, for variety, when things are not going well. Otherwise, Tevez himself is a decent header of the ball.

Tevez, like Rooney, plays better as a deep lying striker

This, I don’t agree with at all. Rooney for one, has led the line more this season than he’s ever done in the past. While Saha did that in the early part of the season, and Larsson in the first 2-1/2 months of 2007, Rooney has figured more at the head during crucial times during the title run-in. Little wonder, this season has been the most productive for him goal-wise. So much for the early criticism that he wasn’t in form!

Tevez is also a great finisher, make no mistake. If you did see his most recent goal for Argentina in the Copa America game against USA, for example, you will see my point. He had not seen enough of the ball at West Ham, while also having to create a lot of chances himself.

So how will he be played, if he comes to United?

I’d think SAF would let Rooney lead the line, and Tevez play the shadow striker. But they will interchange roles, making it difficult for defenders. Both players are physically imposing, so they will be handful for many. Their constant movement will also make it possible for the wingers to cut in for more opportunities. Rooney on his own upfront may not be the right way to go. But Rooney alongside another striker, who works his socks off on the pitch, is a deadly prospect.

Something which, at present, is wishful thinking. Oh well, what do you guys think? (I know there has been a little too much of Tevez. But the lad plays decent football, doesn’t he?) 🙂