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Teams Start Talking Big As Champions’ League Clash Looms

So we have another day to waste before we get to see United face Lyon at the Stade Gerland. Already the plaudits are flowing in. Juninho has been doing that for a while now, calling us the ‘best club in Europe’. Not sure how Aulas will take that, but it is reverse psychology, more than anything.

As many readers had mentioned yesterday in the comments, there was talk about SAF interested in buying Benzema. But the headlines were a little too sensational for me to believe anything. It’s funny if you see it closely. As Manchester United we would keep tabs on promising youngsters and Karim Benzema fits the bill perfectly. The gaffer did show public admiration for him and he was personally invited by Lyon president, Aulas to watch a game in France. But the papers just added things up, with Aulas’ flippant remark about doing an exchange involving Ronaldo, and splashed headlines linking us with Benzema. Of course, there were stray reports that quoted Benzema being determined to stay in Lyon till he wins the Champions’ League with the French champions. More power to him, then.

Meanwhile, while slightly deviating to news pertaining to the events of Saturday — we never get over it in a hurry, do we! — the BBC says that Gallas escapes action while the Daily Mail thinks the FA will look into it. Hopefully justice is done somewhere, somehow.

It’s been a slow news day which is why I will leave it short today. Tomorrow we will preview the game, however, due to my work commitments — it being a weekday and all that — I won’t be able to watch the game. So I would look forward to your reports in the comments section. And guess what, I may put up a select few up on the match report page!

So keep ranting. Join us tomorrow for the preview leading up to the game.

Until tomorrow. Oh, of course, I nearly forgot, here’s an interesting article — an interview actually — with Ian Blanchard, Head of National Referee Development with the FA.