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Tactical changes are hampering United

Louis van GaalLouis Van Gaal has admitted system changes at Manchester United have been far from ideal this season and have hampered his side’s chances of climbing up the table.

The Dutchman, however, insisted that third change in formation this season was forced upon him by a series of injury, rather than out of tactical belief and hinted that United might revert to a different system, as the current formation has seen goals drying up.

“It’s too much, I think, I agree,” Van Gaal said when asked about the change in formation.

“But I’m looking for the balance and when you see the last four matches we have had more balance because we haven’t conceded many goals. Nevertheless, we don’t score so much. With the other system we scored a lot of goals.”

The United manager reiterated that despite a difficult start to the season, his confidence in his vision remained intact.

“When I answer that I have a clear vision then you have to know that I’m [considered] arrogant but when you have seen what I have done in my career you have to know that I have a vision and that I’m very confident in it.

“I don’t think it is arrogant, it is self-confidence, although not only confidence in myself but in my players, in the club, in the structure and organisation, in the staff, in my press officer.”

With Liverpool and Arsenal losing and Manchester City drawing, despite their unconvincing win against Palace United are only two points adrift of fourth spot.

“We have to ensure we maintain that we are in a position that we can be in the first four positions,” Van Gaal explained.

“Of course, we need to raise our level. It’s a matter of time but it’s also a matter of getting over a lot of injuries.

“When you have nine injuries and also a suspended player then that is always more difficult because I cannot select a lot of players. I can only line up 11 players because I don’t have the players in the positions that I want to play.”