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Sunday Roundup: Heinze Speaks Finally

Gabriel HeinzeIf you believe the News of the World that is. Although I have a strange feeling about this. I mean, only NOTW seem to be carrying his quotes while any other blog and forum seem to have copy-pasted the entire article.

Anyway, here is what he had to say.

To quote:

Heinze revealed he has heard nothing about a possible move away. He said: “I have a deal signed with United and no offers have arrived. “In the last weeks there’ve been many rumours in the press but in reality where are Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, etc? I know the rumours of the interest from Liverpool by the newspapers.
“This is a delicate subject, especially for the fans. “They are the people who have always done so much to help me since my arrival and I believe that to leave United for Liverpool would not be understood by them.”

Seems like what Heinze might say, but what sounds fishy is that these quotes appeared on the sports blog of NOTW, hosted on Typepad. (For heaven’s sake, they don’t even have a self hosted domain for a blog!)

However, what remains true is that Heinze has not personally said anything about quitting United. It’s his agent that is stirring shit at the moment. I bet Heinze hasn’t even met SAF (or Queiroz) face to face for around two months now, and until that happens we can’t really say much here. In fact had he really wanted to leave, he might have as well bought out his contract before the FIFA enforced deadline. So at the moment, all rumours of him wanting to leave are utter bollocks (which, I admit, I must have said for the millionth time in this site).

I’ll keep this post rather short today and sign off with some links to interesting stories.

Wes Brown says that he would love to stay on at United for life. While it might be a little selfish on our part, we do always like certain players to stay at the club and be content to play as back up. Mind you, Brown is a very good back-up for that matter, and with Neville aging and increasingly injury prone, Brown would be more than handy at right back. Of course, his primary ability to play at centre back would be his most important virtue.

David Gill once again discusses club finances, insisting that the club is in good shape and tries to dispel doubts, people may have had, on the failure to go for restructuring this year. I don’t know what to make of all this, because matters regarding club finances have anyway been kept under wraps ever since the takeover. So not much to say on that, really.

FIFA reps will meet their FA counterparts to discuss the Tevez issue tomorrow. That’s basically a meeting to decide on whether to rule on the case or not. I could go on and on about this, but let’s leave it at that until we get to hear something really worth reporting.

Finally, pre-season friendly tomorrow against Shenzhen FC as Dong joins the tour party. That’s probably to cash in on the Chinese presence, because he is not expected to play at all. Nani is expected to play some part in the game.

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