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Suarez makes stunning United claim

Evra SuarezIn an amazing interview aired in Argentina today, Luis Suarez claims the English media are ‘controlled by Man United’.

Suarez went on to accuse the English media of unfairly treating him and his South American compatriots differently to native players.

He said: ‘When someone comes and says to me something bad about being a South American, I don’t cry, because that happens inside the pitch.

‘I have my conscience clean. But as I have said: Manchester United controls the media, they are powerful and the media will always help them.

Coming just days after the United Liverpool fixture went without the controversies of recent years, Suarez appears once again to be proclaiming his innocence in the Suarez vs Evra episode, let’s hope we meet again in the FA Cup somehow this season, this time at Old Trafford rather than Anfield.

Despite being undoubtedly one the best forwards in the world right now, Suarez refuses to keep his mouth shut. Is he manufacturing a way out of England with this latest remark? Has the media hounded him out or is he reaping what he sows?

Theoretically, would you have him at United based on his football ability and form? Could you see a Suarez/RvP partnership working out? I know it’ll never happen, but based on his football ONLY I’d have him in my side all day.

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