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Spurs, Levy, Ferguson and Berbatov

Till yesterday, I thought Fergie’s comments, as quoted by the Sun were out of line. And since the quotes were attributed to Fergie, no less, I thought, either they must be true or the Sun ought to have some nerve running that story. So, unless Fergie came out to rubbish them, I had no other choice but to take those words for what they were. [It’s a different thing when those quotes came just a day after the boss spoke about us having made a big for an unnamed striker.]

But now Fergie has spoken out saying those quotes were rubbish and that he planned to take action against Levy:

“It is going to be very embarrassing for them (Tottenham). But you know what Daniel Levy is like. He is different. It’s something to ask (United chief executive) David Gill about because I haven’t really spoken to him about it today because I’ve been preparing for the match. I haven’t read it, but I’m sure our legal people will be looking at it before I do.”

And, I must say, well done Fergie. Thank you for speaking out and saving me from going on a rant about how you were out of line had you made those Berbatov remarks.

It would be insane for Fergie to come out and name Berbatov amid the Ronaldo-to-Madrid transfer saga because he would be firmly in the spotlight for taking the moral ground when it came to dealing with transfers. He spoke passionately of the need for decency in transfer negotiations, and whilst it must be said that Fergie hasn’t had a particularly glittering track record in this regard, he must watch his mouth till the window shuts, at least. Which is why, him making those statements — however innocuous in comparison to what Madrid have done all summer — will always come under the scanner and will be construed as none too different from Calderon and Marca. And a person like Ferguson is too smart for such truths to be lost on him. So thank fuck, he spoke up and clarified things.

So now I could go on to highlight the hypocrisy of Levy with the tapping up of Ramos and their transfer dealing of John Bostock from Crystal Palace. But Ahmed’s got a better article on that — although it was written before Fergie made those statements. Scott meanwhile, made a case of proving Fergie is not a hypocrite — this again was written before Fergie clarified his stance — and although I don’t entirely agree (had he named Berbatov), it still is a good argument over at the RoM blog.

My only worry at the end of this is Spurs deciding to sell Berbatov off to Barcelona, or anyone else in need of a striker, just to prove a point; not dissimilar to how we sold Heinze off to our United-rejects asylum: Madrid.

Berbatov wants to leave for United, but at the end of the day he wants Champions’ League football. And if this strain in relations between the clubs escalates, then he may ultimately be convinced to move elsewhere.

PS: On a totally unrelated note, The Dark Knight is an outstanding movie. Watch it if you have the time.

UPDATE: Oh, and you might notice a survey that’ll show up when you open RR. Please do fill it up if you have the time.

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