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Speculation Continues in an Otherwise Quiet Day

Yes. Speculation over Ronaldo will continue for the rest of the tournament because the Great One has said that he’ll make a decision only after the tournament. So we will bow down to His wishes and wait till the end of the tournament with bated breath. After all, that’s what he meant when he said ‘two to three weeks’, a day after the Champions’ League final — who are we or the club to bother about such details as dates anyway? He will make his decision when He deems it right, and we’ll have to live with that — great man that He is.

Rio Ferdinand joined the growing chorus from United’s players, echoing Gary Neville’s belief that Ronaldo will stay.

Speaking of best players in the world and mercenaries, Ronaldinho looks likely to be making a move to Manchester City. I still rate the player and I think he needed a strong willed manager to give him some direction. He’s only 28 and Mark Hughes could be the right person to rejuvenate the player — although that thought scares me. What scares me even more is the reported £200,000 per week on offer. Insane would just about begin to describe it. More reason perhaps, for our ‘best player in the world’ to demand a wage bump?

Moving on, it seems wage demands are a stumbling block for Silvestre moving to Bordeaux. Apparently both parties want the transfer to happen. Well, if this does happen then I would deem left back to be a greater area of concern. We’ve already sold Pique which is why it seems Evans’ possible loan move is being put on hold.

Meanwhile in our mini-Euro roundup, no United player was on display yesterday. Germany put on a good display and carved Poland open on numerous occasions in the first half. Some of the passing on view was sharp. The second half looked in danger of going flat, but the second goal from Podolski killed it off. Impressive stuff from one of the tournament favourites.

Earlier Austria gave a very good account of themselves and had Croatia on the cosh for most part. Croatia did just about enough to hold on — much like Czech Republic before them — leaving the Austrians grieving over what might have been a well deserved draw at least.

So did you find any player worth discussing? Anyone that could interest our scouts? Opinions please. Take it away…