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Some NOTW Nonsense + Community Shield Preview

We return to some real footballing action today with the Community Shield against Portsmouth — although pseudo-real could be a better word as the real action begins next week. But before we move on to the preview of today’s game a brief word on some early morning bollocks.

The News of the World, as is their wont, decided to run a story where Real Madrid are to sue Ronaldo for £17m for deciding to stay at Old Trafford. The reason: apparently they had agreed personal terms with Ronaldo and there was a clause of compensation of 17m if he decided to stay back at Manchester. The story was run sans quotes which gives it as much credibility as a talking chimp on weed.

But the same paper ran another story where Fergie is quoted as saying that Madrid had put in one bid in the summer which was rejected. Now if one were to put these two together, then I can see only two possible outcomes:

1. Real Madrid are clearly guilty of tapping up and said contract with the player would be rendered null and void.
2. The story is absolute bollocks.

I tend to go with outcome #2. I can’t imagine a seasoned agent like Jorge Mendes indulging in potty deals like these.

Speaking of bollocksy stories, so is the one on Henry. Where the fuck is the proof in that This is London article? It’s got no quote, and it’s the only source carrying that story. Lazy journalism in my humble opinion. And I really don’t rate any daily these days apart from the BBC to some extent. Everyone including the Guardian are up to no good. (Although, I do think the Guardian have a few good columnists.)

Anyway, on to better things, the Community Shield today pits us against Portsmouth. Michael Carrick, who made a quicker recovery from the virus that has kept Rooney down, returns to the squad and so do Nani and Neville. It’s unlikely Neville will start whilst I believe Nani will. So will Carlos Tevez.

I guess, our starting XI should be something like this: EVDS (in goal), Brown, Rio, Vidic, Evra, Giggs, Scholes, Carrick, Nani, Tevez, Campbell. At different times in the game we will get to see the likes of Possebon, da Silva twins and Darron Gibson.

It’s good to give a run to a more settled squad that will play next week. And that’s why our strongest defence will be put out first and given a good work out.

Prediction: 2-0 to United.