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Some More BerbaTalk

Yes, I’ve coined that word and have applied for a copyright. Today we’ll indulge in a little more BerbaTalk©®, as I’ve never really penned my thoughts on the Bulgarian, post-transfer.

Reports yesterday suggested that we’ve indulged in some underhanded dealing with regards to Dimitar Berbatov. Ferguson personally picking Berbatov from the airport clearly showed how badly he wanted to sign the striker. But Levy does not see things that way with Spurs maintaining that they did not accept an offer for Berba even as late as 23:30pm.

Now I am not saying that we covered ourselves in glory over this summer long courtship. We may have done some things wrong or Levy might just be bitter. The fact is there is very little evidence to suggest that we’ve done things wrong (or 100% right, for that matter) and the result is Berbatov is our player.

But this game of brinkmanship was clearly not good for both parties involved. Spurs might think they made a healthy profit with their sale of an unhappy man, but they have regressed for all their purchase in the summer. Losing an excellent strike partnership is never going to be an easy act to follow up with a half decent forward line. They were happy when they sold Carrick at a ginormous profit, but have they ever got a settled midfield after his departure?

Similarly, we may think that we got an excellent player that could be the final piece in our jigsaw and feel happy about it. However, we also got our pants pulled down and got fleeced over transfer fees. Leave along Man City’s late push — if you’re going to leave it late, you are going to spend a lot, especially if you are Manchester United.

But all that money spent would be forgotten if Berbatov shows the form he showed for Spurs. Berbatov’s arrival erased the frustrations and pain of the summer. His addition gives our team the firepower to unlock most defences. His physical presence and tendency to stay more within the box than in midfield will give us more options.

I just think he’s a top, top player and I’d take him gladly. Now the big question is how Fergie will play him. The amount spent on him clearly means he won’t bench him. However, we paid about the same for Rooney and are reported to have agreed a similar fee for Tevez. On current form alone, Tevez should partner Berbatov in a 4-4-2. However, Fergie must not play Rooney out wide now that we have our man. I say this for the sake of Rooney’s future.

So what do you think about Berbatov? And how do you think he’ll be used in our lineup?

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