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Some Links for the Day

Okay, apart from today’s earlier piece, here’s your daily fix as well.

1. Times Online thinks it is Hargreaves’ tardiness that’s cost him playing time. Now I am not certain of passing judgment here because I don’t see a single source quoted in the article (“one source said”, doesn’t cut it for me). It’s all up in the air and speculative. But I find it hard to understand how, someone who was desperate to play for United would be so tardy. Not to mention, someone who had his football education at the altar of punctuality and efficiency that is Germany. Last I checked, tardiness is the worst thing you can do to piss off a German. And I find it hard to believe Hargo would be guilty of that.

2. Messi expects to be fit for United. Hopefully, Schalke come from behind to knock them out. A Barcelona with a fit Messi is a much different proposition.

3. Fergie confident of tying up Rio, and soon.

4. Wenger tries to do what Fergie did to him in December — saying United will drop points. I am sure we will, but the question is how much, and hopefully Arsenal and Chelsea too will. Hopefully they manage another draw against ‘Pool in the weekend. Unfortunately, Benitez could scupper that by rotating his side keeping the second leg CL tie in mind.

5. Ronaldhinho out of United tie. Hmm, now that’s interesting. Not that he’s particularly setting the stage on fire at the moment.

More links when I find them.

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