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Some interesting reads

1. RoM rails against the FA for making an example of United again. United Rant carries on, in a similar vein.

2. RoM also interviews United fan, and journalist Mick Hume

3. A spanking new episode of the Soccerlens is up. (this means it doesn’t qualify as a read, but a listen, but you get the drift.)

4. Finally, and there’s no escaping the top story of the day, Rob Smyth’s piece in the Guardian on refs, the FA and Ferguson.



  1. Andrei

    13 November 2009 at 01:11

    Wow, RR you are in post over-drive… never seen you this active before.

    And one more thing: The FA can go and stick knives up their own butts (not that Ferguson did not deserve some punishment, but two + two is excessive).

  2. [OPTI]Madschester United

    13 November 2009 at 05:40

    Who care about the fine… 20,000 is pocket change (I think it is less than two days’ salary) and even 4 games touchline ban is nothing — Fergie is never on the touch-line. He sits through the whole game… 😆

    Fergie is still allowed in the locker rooms at half-time and can phone ass. mgr during the game — banning managers is ridicolous – it has no effect.

  3. [OPTI]Madschester United

    13 November 2009 at 05:42

    In other news (ahem… Grognard!!!):
    Schalke’s Bordon:
    “The financial aspect plays a role and maybe it would be better in that sense if [Neuer] were to leave because we could get a hell of a lot of money for him,” Bordon told the Bild newspaper [regarding United’s interest].
    😀 😀 😀 I hope, I hope, I hope…

  4. Onkar

    13 November 2009 at 05:54

    @[OPTI]Madschester United: But, the read between the line here is
    “we could get a hell of a lot of money for him”.

    I think the marketing excise of increaseing the selling price of the article has already started. I think its going to be very costly for who ever is interested. One thing is sure that he is a quality though….

  5. Red Ranter

    13 November 2009 at 06:09

    @[OPTI]Madschester United: Yeah saw that, but the “hell lot of money” phrase sounds like operations are in place to begin jacking up his price to ridiculously high values. If we do buy him, we could end up seeing a £18-20m keeper.

  6. [OPTI]Madschester United

    13 November 2009 at 06:11

    @Onkar: but costly for goalkeepers is different than outfield (buffon and peruzzi are exceptions).

    I think $10-15 is fair. Of course, we also have Adler and Akinfeev to negotiate with…

  7. Onkar

    13 November 2009 at 06:37

    @[OPTI]Madschester United: If you are ready for 10-15mn then i would say I will go with RR’s figure that Man UTD is always compelled to pay 25-30% of Man UTD tax in transfer market and given the statement under scrutiny I feel it may go as high as 20mn as RR said.
    But I agree that instead of zeroing in anyone of these three we should keep all of them as an option. And if you ask me I would say that we should go for Adler first given his Man UTD love affair and his leadership quality which is very crucial in my for any GK and his imposing presence in the box. But, I think we will go for Akinfeev given the performance that he has put in against Man UTD in Cl and Gaffer’s history of buying players who impress him while playing against Man UTD. And tbh I think Akinfeev will logical and affordable option going forward for us…..

  8. Onkar

    13 November 2009 at 06:40

    @Red Ranter: I think taken into consideration the quality at stake and his age specially which will allow us long 10 yrs career for us like PS I think 18 odd mn is not bad. But, if we think options in hand who are not that off as far quality is but lot cheaper I think its fair logical that we should have look at other two as well.

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