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So What Does United Do Now?

This has been very disappointing. It’s so disappointing, it has me questioning Sir Alex Ferguson for the first time in years. I’ve been watching these games, and I’m seeing the same thing each of you are seeing. Quality games on our part, but no results to show for it. It’s called bad luck and we’re getting it in huge doses right now. Maybe it all started with Carlos Tevez. It seemed like it took years to finally get him from West Ham. Maybe if that had not been such a big issue, we’d have more points than we have right now. But usually, bad luck tends to wear off, and things start falling your way again. But this came cannot allow its poor start to affect its other goals.This is still here for us to win.

I still have hopes of retaining the Premier League title. I think it can still be done. The best that could have happened to us today were the draws of Chelsea, Liverpool, and Arsenal. Even with teams like Man City, Everton, and Wigan(!) at the top of the table right now, we all know that this will not be the case come mid October. A lot of work will have to be done if we’re going to be on top come May 2008. And lets face it. Teams are not going to roll over for us. We are the defending champions. I don’t expect teams to just give us points, points are something we have to earn. Hindsight is 20/20 we all know this. Its easy for us to say we should have held onto Rossi, or that we shouldn’t have sold Smith. Well, complaining about these transfers isn’t going to change the fact that we have 2 points after 3 games. It is the reality of the situation, and it is time to deal with it. But things are not all bad.

This team is good folks. Really good. They are playing dominating football right now, without Rooney, Neville, Ronaldo, Saha, etc. If there is one thing we all know about this game, its that things can change at any minute. We all remember our last min goal at Anfield last season. The luck has reversed. Luckily, there is still plenty of time. I would be a bit more concerned if we had played Arsenal or Liverpool instead of Reading or Portsmouth, but we have not. We still have opportunities to make up points against the other big 3, which will be crucial when it comes to righting this ship. And don’t forget, these same teams that are playing tough against us will do the same against the other big 3 as well. Also, Arsenal and Chelsea will each lose key players in January due to the African Cup of Nations. I expect both teams to drop points during this time. And finally, we have to trust in SAF. He’ll right this ship. He always does.

Just remember, we WILL be better. We will get Rooney back. Ronaldo will be back. Neville will be back. And ya know what? We still have the Champions League, the FA Cup, and the Carling Cup. Things are much brighter than they seem. Be disappointed with the first 3 games. We should be. But this team will not dwell, and neither should we.

“We have to make sure we do not get carried away with a knee-jerk reaction.”

Sir Alex Ferguson