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Sky Sports and the Sun continue to be a disgrace

Pardon the overly extreme headline — and this will be a short one, I promise — but it’s things like these that rub bloggers or independent reporters the wrong way. You would expect the mainstream media to follow basic journalistic etiquette; if it’s a quote you attribute the source, or give credit where it’s due.

About four days ago we had published an exclusive Vidic interview on this site. Today you will have seen the same quotes plastered over The Sun and — I don’t want to link back to those articles but you can easily find them. [Thanks to Stephen Darwin for bringing it to my attention]. As far as I know right now, these are the two mainstream outlets that have published them. None of them credited us. I don’t want to go on a longer rant about doing the right thing, or cry out to them about wanting attention from the mainstream press, but I feel it right to call these people out on this act because I have seen plenty of bloggers face the kind of injustice the press seem to get away with.


Rant over. I will post something United related later in the day. Till then comment away.