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Sir Jim Ratcliffe wants Manchester United to end its work-from-home culture, tells staff he is confident Dan Ashworth will soon be joining the club

Ratcliffe outlines three-year plan to knock Man City and Liverpool off their perch

Manchester United co-owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe has ordered the club’s non-football staff to go back into their offices in Manchester and London, insisting the club must end its work-from-home culture, according to The Athletic.

The non-football staff of the Old Trafford club have spent less time in the physical offices as the working environment has become more flexible after the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

However, Ratcliffe wants them to now return to a more office-based approach as he continues to ring major changes since acquiring 25% of Man United.

The British billionaire told them during a meeting today and also informed them he is confident Dan Ashworth will join the club.

However, Ratcliffe’s order received mixed reviews, with some staff members boosted by INEOS’ desire to shake things up, while others concerned their life-work balance disrupted by the development.

INEOS have a policy of employees returning to their offices full-time, and Ratcliffe wants Man United staff to follow suit.

Working from home has been the norm at most organisations since the pandemic initially forced millions across the world into a lockdown, but the new management at Old Trafford has other ideas.

However, it will be interesting to see how things take shape as there are not enough desks in Manchester or London for every staff member following the initial policy which made more flexible working arrangements possible.

The good news is that Ashworth could arrive as their new sporting director before the summer transfer window after he took Newcastle United to arbitration in a bid to ensure a resolution is reached.

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