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Sir Jim Ratcliffe confirms he is set to meet up with Eric Cantona

Manchester United’s new co-owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe has revealed that he is set to meet up with club legend Eric Cantona for lunch in the near future.

The British billionaire was recently confirmed as the new co-owner of the club after securing a 25 per cent stake. He will take control of football operations with his investment.

Ratcliffe has already invited Gary Neville to help regenerate Old Trafford and the surrounding area, and he has now dropped another big update with plans to speak to Cantona.

The 71-year-old did not reveal when, where and what would be discussed, but acknowledged that he is due to have lunch with the legendary striker, who is quite a character.

He told “There’s a certain type of player… when he gets the ball, you get excited because you’re not sure what he’s going to do with it – it might be a bit of magic. Eric [Cantona] was one of those.”

“He was so transformative for that Manchester United team and Alex Ferguson.They hadn’t won the league for 25 or 26 years before Eric arrived. Then Eric arrived and he was the catalyst that really galvanised the team for the next 25 years.

“We are due to have lunch, so it’ll be really interesting. He knows [INEOS Sport CEO] Jean-Claude [Blanc] well, so I’m really looking forward to that. He’s quite a character – I think it’s important that a part of Manchester United is it’s always had a glamorous aspect to it. Eric was a bit of glamour.”

Ratcliffe making good impression as new co-owner

Ratcliffe has made quite an impression since his investment into the club was confirmed. In an interview disclosed last night, he vowed to knock Manchester City and Liverpool off their perch while taking United back to their glory days.

The INEOS owner is also looking to build a bond with the fans and former stars. Neville has been invited to help in redeveloping the stadium. It is left to be seen whether Cantona could be handed a backroom or ambassadorial role.

Cantona continues to have a big fan following at United but in our opinion, Roy Keane would be a better ambassador for United. He has been quite vocal over the club’s poor handling by the Glazers over the years like Gary Neville.

His input into the club would be far more than Cantona in our view, considering he was also a long-term captain. Hopefully, Ratcliffe will get into contact with the former skipper, who does not shy away from giving his view point.