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Should United Bet on Ronaldinho?

I know this question has been posed before, but I think it deserves a separate space of it’s own. [Why you ask? Because I think it does!]

On a day where the likes of Zizou have jumped in on the Ronaldo should go to Madrid bandwagon I’d rather sidestep Ronaldo talk for a day and talk about some transfer targets. So today, it’s Ronaldinho for me.

The reason I brought him up is because, the Brazilian superstar has given an interview to TV Globo and spoke of his desire to get back from his rehabilitation and, in essence, prove a point to the world. In his interview he welcomed a move to the Premiership. Here are some excerpts:

Every player would love to play in such a competitive championship like the English league. I’m happy because almost all the teams want me to play for them. I’m [also] very happy for him (Scolari). I admire him a lot and I hope he can make all his dreams come true. I wish him well.”

Also regarding his problems he had this to say:

“When a lot of problems come together, the whole team is not well and players find it difficult to shine. I’m as upset as my team-mates for not playing well. The lack of titles let us down even more. Now I am recovered. Everything is perfect and I’ve started a new stage in my rehabilitation. I want to profit from these holidays to return as soon as possible to achieve my dreams of becoming the world’s best player and playing in the world’s best team. And moreover, I want to be world champion with the Selecao again, that’s my objective.”

“The gold medal is a title Brazilian football has not achieved yet and all players dream of making history by clinching that medal. The Olympics are one of my dreams. I want to schedule my recovery and train hard to be in the national team as soon as possible.”

So he seems quite determined to get back on track. Party lifestyle apart, he’s also been troubled by muscle injuries for a good part of the last year which was never treated. Now that he’s rehabilitating, if he is even half as serious as he comes across in the interview, I’d put my money on him. The question remains: is Fergie interested in buying him? Not just that, would he still be interested in coming to United for one final hurrah? I’ve always been of the opinion that more than a party lifestyle, it was the lack of leadership in the Barcelona dressing room — Rijkaard seemed a bit too laid back for my liking — that allowed things to deteriorate. I think Ronaldinho’s talents and pace are far from finished at 28 years of age and if he can give us a solid three seasons he would slot right in if Ronaldo were to leave.

Given his recent past, his value couldn’t be any lower. It could also be the realisation of Fergie’s dream to finally sign him — where Peter Kenyon botched it then. It must be said, though, that if United were to come into the market for Ronaldinho, it won’t be City but Kenyon’s Chelsea who could snatch him from us in the wake of Scolari’s appointment.

At the end of the day, I loved Ronaldinho, and was really cursing our luck when he was wowing the world at Barcelona.

Hence my question to you all…

So what do you think? Is Ronaldinho worth a punt? Do you think Fergie can get the best out of him?