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Shocking Revelations, Flying Planes, Fergie’s Laugh

So as we continue with the latest installment of our soap opera, we have an optimistic Daily Mail reporting that Tevez will come over to OT and will be unveiled on Thursday. They are so optimistic of the deal that they already have a photoshopped image of Tevez being unveiled with SAF by his side. Although if he is coming to Old Trafford to be unveiled by the boss, he will be left scratching his head, as the team would be thousands of miles away in the far east.

Of course, all this has given room for more people to start talking out of their arses, contributing to more BS clutter – the Independent this time, musing that United could be charged with tapping up Tevez. How that is possible when one doesn’t even know who Tevez’s owner is for sure could be anyone’s guess. But trust the PL to stoop down to that level when things keep getting worse for them and the Hammers. Of course, they still maintain West Ham United own Tevez. Logic, legal papers and bare truth staring at their faces notwithstanding. To use an analogy, (just for the heck of it) the Premier League is like the ostrich with its head in the sand thinking it will be safe. Unfortunately, it’s the ass that needs saving, not the head (which clearly hasn’t done its job in the first place!)

Meanwhile a sports lawyer, writing for the Independent, believes there is a slight chance that WHU can climb out of their ever-deepening hole. Read the article if you really want to find out what it is. It’s more of how a ‘clever’ use of legal semantics can help them. But in their case, even legal arguments could seem very tenuous.

Back to the club, there is a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks, in the lead up to the 07/08 season. United leave for their far-east pre-season tour, starting on Tuesday, against Japan’s Urawa Reds. Wishing them as good a pre-season as last year. I’d have wished to have all our new signings as well as the kids to start training together. But you can’t have everything, can you? Pique’s on national duty with the U-20. Anderson will be given a few days off after a Copa America tournament, where he honestly didn’t get too many minutes on the pitch. Nani and Hargreaves will be with the squad and it is a good thing. Especially Hargreaves, who will play an important first team role next season.

Finally, if reports are to be believed, I will be overjoyed with the 5.5 million offered by Roy Keane for Richardson’s ‘services’. While we may have been accused of under-selling our stars, Richardson is a brilliant deal if we get 5.5M quid. It might be his best ever contribution to us. Come on! We know he isn’t even half the player as Ruud, and Ruud went for 10M! 🙂

SAF had a laugh about that kid Jose, who made a nice joke about our ‘spending’ and the ‘pressure’. In the midst of his laughing he had this to say:

“It was an amazing statement, actually — I don’t think he knows I’ve been here for 20 years,” Ferguson said. “It’s great. Maybe he’s trying to transfer some pressure because of the fact that he is under pressure himself. I don’t know, but I thought it was quite funny.”

As I said, in an article a few days back about Jose’s joke. (As in, I said it was a joke! Not the same as the gaffer.)

More repetitive reports on Tevez will continue on Red Rants, as we grapple with the prospect of finding new stuff to write about. Although for those tired about Tevez news, trust me, we will come up with some cheerful articles.

So keep visiting.

Side note: For those worried about the irrelevance of the article title with the contents of the post, all apologies. Although, in my defence, the shocking revelations bit was sarcastic, flying planes were to do with the club flying off to the far-east and Fergie’s laugh… well… that’s pretty obvious, innit?