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Scholes Out for Three Months. Great News?

So while I saw this earlier in the morning in the Lancashire Evening Post (irony?) I was holding off till I got to hear something more official. Well, here it is now as a spokesperson from confirms the news.

As we know his first scan was inconclusive he was sent for a second scan, the results of which, has now been revealed as knee ligament damage.

Scholesy has to now go for an operation to get his knee fixed.

While this is terrible news for all of us — Scholes was looking to get better and better with our 4 goal thumpings and we were looking quite potent — his absence against Kiev and Boro however had the slightest effect as we racked up another eight goals. This was due, in no small part, to the contribution of Anderson, who was first pressed into action against Wigan. And didn’t he do an outstanding job?

His lack of experience (he’s just 19) might certainly count against him in big games, like the one against Arsenal, this weekend. But to see it from a more positive viewpoint, there is really no better time to give him a good run in the side than now.

Carrick would still be a little more than a week away from a return. The Arsenal game would be too soon for him. And the presence of Hargreaves hasn’t been more important than it is right now. His reassuring presence, protecting the back four, would free up Anderson to do his thing and that would be the ideal platform to revel.

His lack of too many games might also just help him — people haven’t seen too much of him as yet — so it will be quite some time before he actually gets found out.

The depth in our side at present shouldn’t serve us too much cause for worry, as much as we love Scholes. But this is the time for Carrick and Anderson to show what they’ve got. The Anderson-Hargreaves-Carrick axis will be the prime component of our central midfield for the future, and this would be the best time to give us an insight into what things hold for us.

So is the Scholes injury good, in a way, for us? Discuss in the comments.