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Scholes Article. Rio Ferdinand. Rooney Video

One more day before the lads march onto the Luzhniki stadium. Strangely I am not yet all that excited. Well, I am, but I’m not crapping my pants as much as I did prior to the second leg semi against Barcelona.

It is our biggest night since ’99, I know. But, perhaps, the moment and the magnitude of the occasion might get to me tomorrow? Maybe it’s because we’ve already won the league? I don’t know. But I find myself surprisingly calm.

Moving to articles and news stories of interest, today, in transfer news, there is this report that Miguel Veloso might be interested in making a move to England. There isn’t mention of any club, but you can bet on other tabloids picking this up and reporting it as Manchester United making a move for Veloso. I think we have a surfeit of central midfielders and I can’t see why we would want another.

There is a good article in the Guardian on Rio Ferdinand, and how he’s managed to turn fan opinion favourably towards him after being barracked in the past. It would be truly deserving of Rio when he leads the side into the stadium. (If Giggs is benched, that is.) At the risk of jinxing him, his defending this season has been almost flawless and the captaincy, both for England and United has seen him mature — I will stop here because I have written a lot on Rio this season, already.

Meanwhile Kevin McCarra has set about with his words of praise for the Ginger Prince and is definitely a good read, even though we know almost everything that’s written on there.

There is an interesting case made in Times Online on the Glazers being the ‘least hated’ of the foreign owners in the Big Four. There are few interesting anecdotes like the one on the Glazers still coming to Manchester with bodyguards, and on their predicament after United sealed the title at Wigan.

And there’s this Nike video titled “What Rooney Knows” where El Blanco Pele talks about his strengths, aspects of football training, work on improving his attributes like heading, and his left foot and so forth. Do watch it.

I will get the match preview later in the day.