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Schmeichel: “United need to send a message with De Gea’s deal”

Manchester-United-v-Burnley (1)Peter Schmeichel has urged Manchester United to extend David De Gea’s contract in a bid to send a strong message to other Premier League and European clubs.

The 51-year-old has suggested that a new deal for the Spanish keeper, whose contract expires at the end of next season, would not only strengthen United but it would also reiterate their intention to remain competitive.


“It’s very important the club’s best players sign new contracts to send a signal,” Schmeichel told Sky Sports.

“It shows that they believe in the Manchester United project and believe the club will go back not only to the top of the Premier League but also European football.

“If De Gea signs a new deal it would be a very big signal and I’m sure everyone who loves the club would love that. Fingers crossed he will sign another five-year contract.”

The Treble-winner keeper added that despite his recent struggles, Radamel Falcao could still prove to be an important addition to the club.

“We knew when he came that he had this injury and it was his reaction to coming back that was to be the exciting part,” said the former Denmark international.

“Unfortunately he’s had more injuries but if he is a 100% from next season then he’s the kind of player that I think Manchester United would love to add permanently to the club.

“He has proven himself to be a fantastic goalscorer in the past and he’s been unlucky in the last 18 months. Hopefully he can get through this injury hell and get back to what he used to be.” are giving away an incredible prize for one lucky winner who enters their competition to WIN A PAIR OF ADIDAS ORIGINAL TRAINERS EVERY MONTH FOR A YEAR.

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