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Saha’s Injury: Who do we believe?

Close on the heels of Smith’s uncertainty at United comes another set of conflicting reports, this time about Saha’s injury.

Well, at least we have something to talk about. 🙂 (You see, I am an optimist)

Anyway, onto the story after the jump.

Let’s have a look at the reports that first originated in the Manchester Evening News that filtered down to other websites:

Stojic, who was involved in his £12.8million move to United from Fulham in January 2004, told the Manchester Evening News: ‘Louis has had surgery in America and he won’t be on the field now for a few months.
‘I don’t know when he will be able to start training again but he is looking at being back around November or December. But it is going to be a while.’

Louis Saha - Manchester United playerHonestly I don’t understand why the MEN should interview his former agent in the first place, unless they wanted some juicy sound bites that would trigger a wave of activity in the media. Oh wait, they just did that.

Ranko Stojic for all his close association with Saha, as an agent, at present has as much knowledge/authority over his situation as you and me. Even if what he says may be true, his quotes are not meant to carry any weight as long as Saha, his current representative or the club endorses those views.

Speaking of which, the Stellar Group, who now represent Saha had this press release on their website:

Louis has successfully undergone knee surgery in America and is now undergoing rehabilitation in the South of France. He hopes and fully expects to be fit for the start of the new season and any claims to the contrary are completely false.

There, that kinda settles it, doesn’t it? There were other uncomplimentary words directed at Stojic, questioning his authority to comment on Saha. At least there is some official remark on Saha’s current situation.

However from past experience, even agents have known to be wrong just for the sake of publicity and the possible cash incentive it may provide. But I believe agents stand to gain either from a transfer or a brand new contract – the latter in this case being highly unlikely. The former, although possible, is not apparent at least from his representatives’ comments indicating his readiness for the start of the next season. So no ulterior motives are apparent here.

But what troubles me more is the uncertainty around the player himself. Make no mistake, the guy is either the victim of voodoo or is made of glass. Clearly he wants to play for United. So releasing a statement that he would be ready for the start of the next season could also be borne out of the need for self-preservation. Maybe this optimistic bit of news might make Ferguson decide against possibly selling him. Thus giving him a chance.

I know, all this is speculation, and you are forgiven for thinking this to be utter tosh. (And I am not high)

I am just thinking out loud. What do you guys think? Will Saha play for us next season? Will he stretch his groin while reaching out to swat a fly during rehabilitation in South France? (Even Sir Alex is holidaying there, isn’t he?)