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Saha Talks Again | Brandy Off To Swansea | Twins To OT

Louis Saha reckons he will help fire United to glory. He has said something like this for the 789th time this season. We have been waiting, and we’ll continue to wait. So let’s listen to what he’s saying:

It’s great to score goals. I’m a striker and that’s my job and now I want to concentrate on scoring more goals for the team. I’m very hard on myself and always want to do better, so I’m not very satisfied with how the season has gone so far on a personal level. I know I can do better, and hopefully I showed that against Sunderland. The manager’s always shown a lot of faith in me and that gives me a lot of confidence. I’m definitely getting there [with overcoming injuries]. I played two full games in a row over Christmas and that was the first time I’d done that for a while.

And I am going to run for President, I assure you. I have seen the injustices committed in this world and I believe I can turn things around. And I am also, like Saha, getting there.

If a player is continuously out of the team, he must work on his weaknesses and hope to allow his performances speak for themselves. I don’t really buy Saha mouthing off to all and sundry about his injury — although he is making full use of his free time afforded by injury. It gets a little annoying if a player keeps talking to the press and has nothing really to show for all of it on the pitch. A fully fit Saha would certainly be a very handy player to have. But, at the moment, the phrase fully-fit Saha makes for an oxymoron, more than anything.

Academy prospect Febian Brandy heads off to Swansea on loan.

The Telegraph, has a top article on the decision made by the FA to avoid the one minute silence. It certainly is a shame to be seeing mockery made out of an actual tragedy. It is sad to see fans, like those of Citeh, being urged to show respect; they have been reminded that a legend of theirs’ was also a victim of the tragedy. Some things in life have to be above sporting rivalry; the Sevilla-Betis derby, following Antonio Puerta’s death, was a stand-out example of solidarity shown by extremely fierce rivals. It’s a pity, and a firm indication of the levels to which England fans have stooped, that their own Football Association doesn’t trust them.

About the Fletcher news talked about yesterday, the Mirror thinks he will actually leave. Hmm… isn’t that why they are called tabloids? They do a good job of spinning stories, don’t they?

And as mentioned in the comments, a couple of days ago, the Brazilian twins are set to move to Old Trafford in a 5.2 million pound move.