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Saha, Giggs and Agents, EVDS and Other Stories

Morning all from the Red Rants towers — er, I don’t think I’ve greeted anyone like this before.

Let’s quickly settle down to what we do best — rounding up the news stories of the day (and yesterday).

The Guardian speculates that Sunderland might be keen on securing the services of Louis Saha — presumably, to give their physios a good work out, and ensure that they always have their hands full and earn their chops.

Roy Keane has been very active (and arguably more successful) than last season in the transfer market. However, it must be said that he has been getting mostly mediocre players and, typically, players we already know awful lot about. Whilst, for a United fan, it could be worrying that he hasn’t managed to broaden the horizons of his scouting network much, he has at least gotten off the ex-United player bandwagon and moved towards signing players from the Premiership. But Louis Saha? Unless Keano can glare his way into making Saha fit, I don’t see the point of him trying to buy Saha.

Ryan Giggs had a pop at the mecenary nature of the modern footballer, where a player may jump ship for a ten grand. When Giggs says such a thing, you know you can’t dispute it because of how he’s conducted himself all these years. And ex-Arsenal man, Gilberto, couldn’t disagree either:

“When you win things, you achieve more than anybody else. You get better contracts, and more money, anyway. I can’t blame a player who wants a good contract. But I believe if they stay at the club, they can earn good money and do a lot for the club and themselves. So if they win something, it means more and they are more appreciated by supporters.”

Chris Eagles has moved to Burnley. I saw this coming anyway, although I believe he could have moved to a premiership side like Hull or Stoke or West Brom. We wish him luck and we’ll certainly remember his icing-on-the-cake goal against Everton to make it 4-2.

And finally, EVDS is still not ready to reliquish his No. 1 spot to Ben Foster and intends to remain our goal keeping mainstay this upcoming season. He’s a proud and hungry lad, and I think, unless Fergie deems it right (or if Edwin makes a gaffe or two) EVDS will continue being our No. 1 this season too. That said, I’m sure it must be really hard for Kuszczak to read in the papers that he’s not even being mentioned in the same breath as Foster — let alone VDS. Must be unfair on the Pole because he has played more games for United, and is a decent shot stopper.

Oh well, Foster is English. So all eyes will be trained on him this season.