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RUSE: Understanding the Glazers Transfer Policy

David Moyes scratches his headWell I am hoping that the disappointment is sinking in now regarding our so-called pursuit for Marouane Fellaini. Although he was not the number one choice for most supporters, he was the player most often linked with a sure move to Old Trafford. As I sit down to write this, several hours have passed beyond the supposed expiry deadline to capture Fellaini for the rock bottom price of £23.5 million that his release clause invoked. Now it would probably take over £30 million for us or anybody else to get him.

Unless something has occurred before the deadline and has not yet been reported, it appears that United have added yet another transfer blunder to their already growing list of blunders this summer. Just how long will this nonsense go on for and just how long will it take for all the spoilt yet blindly optimistic United supporters to get up from their couches, make their way to their window, open it, lean out and Howard Beale us with a loud and passionate version of “I’m as mad as Hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

Seriously good people of Mancunia, just how long are we going to allow the Glazer family to perpetrate this elaborate RUSE and Henry Gondorff sized big con to continue before a tipping point, or should I say a breaking point occurs? How long will it take all of Manchester United’s supporters to get on the same page and band together in order force this ownership menace away and make them release the club back into the custody of those who love, honour and respect it? I know that I for one am fed up. A few days ago I swore I would stop making a stink regardless of my feelings and that my anti-Glazer sentiments were going to be more subdued. But while I was writing that, I really believed in my heart of hearts that by the end of July 31, 2013, no matter how disappointed I have been with the club and especially their owners, that somehow they were sure to at least sanction the purchase of Fellaini and allow David Moyes to invoke the player’s release clause, thus making him a Manchester United player once he agreed to our wage terms, which I was certain he would do. So I’m sure many of you can imagine my shock and total disappointment in the lack of proceedings within the past 24 hours.

Old Trafford and surrounding and areasShould any of us be surprised though? In total hindsight, we really should have suspected it to go the way it did. Something terribly wrong is happening within the inner circle of Old Trafford and I would not be surprised if the Glazers actually nixed a last minute Fellaini deal only out of spite and revenge for losing today’s decision by Trafford Council’s regarding Old Trafford being designated an Asset of Community Value, stripping the right of the Glazers to get their grubby paws all over that hallowed piece of ground too.

Make no mistake folks, that is a major loss for Team Scum today, especially when it comes to adding OT to the club’s estimate value in a selling price down the road. The Glazers do not like to lose those types of battles and so I really believe that now, we are going to pay with blood for the decision Trafford Council with the urging of groups like “MUST” made.

The apparent losing out on Fellaini just ads one more name to the increasing list of failures this club is piling up like a macabre body count. Thiago Alcantara, Cesc Fabregas and Fellaini are the latest but the Glazer flimflam machine is not stopping with their well thought out and constructed ruse, designed to keep hearts optimistic and the flame burning. Next on the list will be Luka Modric, after him Ilkay Gundogan and then it will probably end with Cristiano Ronaldo before we make our one big signing for the year to sure up our midfield, Paul Scholes. This path of wasted time, opportunity and failure has the earmark of contempt and misinformation surrounding it. What do all these targets have in common? The answer to that is all of them were and are in no way ever remotely interested in coming to Manchester United.

Guardiola with Thiago embraceLets start with Thiago first. I really believe United knew all along that Thiago was going to do one of two things. Stay at Barcelona or follow his mentor Pep Guardiola to Bayern Munich. There is no way in Hell through that whole drawn out process that Thiago and his agent never had communications with Pep regarding a move to Munich and I’m sure they had assurances from him provided that Guardiola was going to ensure Alcantara a starting role. Also, at no time did United formally put in a bid for the player despite the claim of every media organization on the planet (both serious and tabloid) who seriously linked United with Thiago. United knew he was going to Bayern and that is why they allowed the charade to continue without coming out and saying that they were not interested. They were counting on all of us suckers to blame the loss on Thiago’s love for Pep at the end of the day, while they came out smelling like a rose. Well actually, more like a wet rag sitting in an Old Trafford public urinal.

Now we are still supposedly pursuing Cesc Fabregas. United says they are preparing a third record breaking bid for the player who I believe has never had any intention of coming to United and has used this ruse as a ploy to get certain guarantees from Barcelona regarding playing time as well as an improved contract. My opinion is that the real reason United are pursuing Fabregas is because they know that having allowed Thiago to leave, Barcelona can ill afford to lose Fabregas too with their season only a few weeks away from its start. Under no circumstances short of an outrageous bid would they let this player go. And the Glazer’s I’m sure were counting on this reaction from the Blaugrana.

Fabregas and ModricWhen the Fabregas pursuit finally crashes and burns, Plan C is to go for Luka Modric. The same Luka Modric who snubbed Fergie not once, but twice in the past. The same Luka Modric who ended last season for Real Madrid in outstanding form and who is being counted on to help Gareth Bale get acclimated to life in Madrid. Modric has never ever shown a desire to play for United and has said on numerous occasions that he is happy in Madrid and is looking forward to working under new manager Carlo Ancelotti. Obviously another cunning selection by United guaranteed to go their way, which is to say there is no way Modric will be coming to Old Trafford unless it is with Real Madrid.

So now that Plans A, B and C have apparently failed successfully, it’s on to Plan D. If United are to stick with their tactical playbook, I expect Plan D to be the pursuit of Ilkay Gundogan from Borussia Dortmund. So why will this venture fail as well you ask? First off, Gundogan loves playing football for Dortmund and especially for manager Juergen Klopp, a manager and a club that are currently the toast of Europe. Secondly and most importantly, Dortmund under no circumstances will they part with the new German first team midfielder having already lost superstar midfielder Mario Gotze to Bayern as well as anticipating the imminent departure of striker Robert Lewandowski in one season to Bayern as well. Those are two major hits the club have suffered and the last thing they will be doing this season is letting go of another elite midfielder from a team that will threaten Munich for the Bundesliga championship as well as be a threat again in Europe. The Glazers know this and are banking on it. They aren’t pursuing players that are upset with their current teams and or playing status. They are pursuing unattainable players who are above all, not interested in moving, loyal to their respective clubs and not interested in a move to a David Moyes run Manchester United.

So far the ruse has worked perfectly for the Elite Glazer Sabotage Squad. Their cunning plan to take all of us and the media on this elaborate wild goose chase has led us all to Plan E, which is of course is Marouane Fellaini. They let us all believe that there was a strong chance that Fellaini was United’s fallback option before they pursued Plan C or D. That he would be an option once things got a bit sticky. Well if we have learned something about the Glazers already it is that they are immune to criticism and threats.

Malcolm GlazerYou see they all live in Florida. They don’t have to drive home to their Manchester estate after a hard day at work. Oh they may visit from time to time but the thing is they never really are there to physically take the heat that cognisant and awake individuals like myself and other well meaning supporters and media dish out to them on a daily basis. They are immune to the stuff because frankly, they don’t give a rats ass what we want or what we think. And when they show up to the odd match, supporters at have a go at them anymore because as soon as they do, they are escorted out of Old Trafford and their season tickets are confiscated. These bastards play rough, I know this to be true from having chatted online with a former season ticket holder and MUST member who will remain anonymous.

So now that we look certain to make the remainder of the transfer season a failure we are sure to at least rename United’s part of transfer season the “Inept Season” rather than the “Silly Season”. United show fabricated and intentional ineptitude designed to pull the blinders over the many while pursuing the only ambition the club has ever had, which is to increase revenues, through tours, licensing, corporate sponsorship and of course higher ticket prices. At the end of the day what’s in it for us, the supporters? More Ryan Giggs, Anderson, Nani and Evra, as well I’m sure are the moody half assed performances of one Wayne Rooney. All this and Rome burns while many of us are still fast asleep without a worry in our heads and our hearts filled with optimism for the future. Forgive me while I vomit.

manutd-cristiano-ronaldoAnd now for the coup de grace in this long drawn out soap opera. Reports are coming out of Spain as I write this that former Real Madrid President Ramon Calderon believes that Real are trying so hard to sign Gareth Bale because he believes they know they are going to lose Cristiano Ronaldo as he seems unwilling to sign a new contract with the club. And of course this all leads to speculation that this may mean that Unted are setting up a major swoop for Mr. Ronaldo so that they can bring him back to Old Trafford for a major reunification party. Hell at times I have even allowed myself to buy into the ruse and have even speculated that United might actually make a bid to get him. Well I’m much better now as my meds have finally kicked in. Call it temporary insanity but my head is clearer now and I am ready to say that there is a less than a zero percent chance of this coming about. Again you may ask why?

First off, United have absolutely no intention of buying Ronaldo for any price and especially for the same amount or more than what they sold him for. Fergie to my chagrin was also guilty of perpetrating the ruse as he had come out numerous times to say that if Ronaldo wanted to come back, he would make it happen. Yeah right. Well not only did that not happen while he was in charge, but now that he left I do not see Ronaldo wanting to come and play for the direct, long ball playing David Moyes who also demands his wingers track back. Ronaldo is just playing games looking to get an astronomical increase in wages so he and his agent are tactically releasing misleading information and quotes designed to leverage his value and worth and force Madrid to comply with his inner demands.

And on the chance that Ronaldo and Bale cannot coexist, then what does that mean? Simply that PSG and City all of a sudden become serious players in the Ronaldo sweepstakes. Ronaldo may never have come to City while Fergie was still managing United, but that no longer is an issue and at his core, the lad is a major mercenary. So all my wishful thinking and delusions in thinking that maybe, just maybe we were in for Ronaldo, I am now convinced more than ever that United are in for NOBODY. The Fellaini fiasco was the final straw. It is clear to me that not only can United not attract elite players anymore but, that United is not interested in signing anyone valued over £15 million. Add to that that the fact that we also seem unwilling or better yet, are unable to attract buyers for our unwanted and declining players. Hell we can’t give them away unless it’s to a competitor like Chelsea and at least United have shown the good sense not succumb to the wishes of Jose Mourinho and Wayne Rooney yet, thus avoiding a mass riot.

I’m at my wits end and the massive frustration, bitterness and anger I feel towards my club is simply palpable. I am tired of the lies and deceit, the inaction, the seeming disregard and disrespect for the millions of loyal and gullible supporters of this once great club and franchise. I’m tired of my wishes and desires being toyed with and manipulated. I want blood. I demand satisfaction. If any Glazer were in front of me right now I’d take my glove off and slap him across the face with it. Better yet, I’d go one better and do a George Zimmerman and shoot him in self defense for fear that he was trying to kill me by destroying mine and my clubs dreams and ambitions. Like Zimmerman, a jury of logical and illuminated individuals would also let me walk on grounds of self defense. I have had my fill of this and not capturing Marounae Fellaini yesterday was the tipping point. From now on Grognard is no longer the mellow and nice Groggy (like I ever was 😉 😉 ) but the angst driven maniacal anti-Glazer T3000 model Terminator. All I can say to Team Glazer is…….I’M BACK! Cue up the Terminator theme music.