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Roy Keane tears into another former team mate

rp_Keane-and-Scholes-200x200.jpgRoy Keane was, without doubt, one of the most influential footballers Manchester United have ever employed not to mention one of the very best central midfielders in the history of football.

Since his acrimonious departure from Old Trafford however, Keane has found it startlingly easy to make comments about the club, Sir Alex Ferguson or his previous team mates.

In his latest outburst Keanes directs his criticism at a player who, coupled with Keane, formed part of a mouth watering midfield combination which won everything there is to win at club level, Paul Scholes.

Keane, now assistant coach with Aston Villa and the Republic of Ireland, has hit out at Scholes’ unwillingness to perform media duties as a player at United.

Here’s what he’s alleged to have said:

“People don’t realise Scholesy could have done [TV appearances] at United, but he couldn’t be a****”

“People thought he was camera-shy—he just couldn’t be bothered”

“None of us liked doing interviews, but it was a responsibility of the dressing room, you shared the load”

“Scholesy’s too humble to do it? Well, he’s f****** doing it now, isn’t he? Maybe there’s more money involved now”

“And I’d tell him this if he was sat here in front of me”

What do you make of Keane’s latest comments?

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