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Roy Keane: Jose Mourinho ‘irritating’ but the right man for Manchester United

Roy Keane: Jose Mourinho ‘irritating’ but the right man for Manchester United

Roy Keane believes that Jose Mourinho is the right man to lead Manchester United, although he did label the Portuguese as “irritating.”

Mourinho was named as Louis van Gaal’s successor at Man United on Friday, a decision which divided those associated with the club.

Some have hailed Mourinho’s pedigree within the game, but others believe that his off-field antics and tendency to neglect youth are not becoming of a United manager. Keane acknowledged Mourinho’s flaws but insisted that he approved of the appointment.

“He was always going to be a good option when United didn’t qualify for the Champions League,” Keane said.

“Fantastic CV and seems like a good fit. Maybe not for me. He’s not my kind of cuppa tea. I find him really irritating when I’ve coached against him, but that’s just a personal thing.”

It’s hard to think of many people who Keane approves of so Mourinho will not take the comments too personally. Keane’s most high-profile fall out came with Sir Alex Ferguson prior to the Irishman’s Old Trafford departure in 2005 during his playing days.

Mourinho has certainly divided United’s fanbase but most are agreed that his determination to win trumps all else.

United supporters have been forced to settle for mediocrity for too long and Mourinho’s arrival should signal a return of a winning mentality at the club. And that’s exactly how it should be.




  1. Phoenix Red

    6 June 2016 at 12:06

    Mourihno was irritating to many United fans at one stage aswell. Keane will always call it as he sees it, although he tends to personalise things. But Mourihno is our man now so we’ll support him. I can’t help feeling sorry for Mata if rumours are true! He’s been a beacon of light in some difficult games last season, it’s obvious he loves United and is a really likeable character. I would hope that Mourihno could accommodate this “luxury” player.
    For me Carrick has another good season in him, would be a great backup, hopefully he’ll be offered a new deal. We need to maintain some continuity and the influence that players like Carrick have on and off the pitch cannot be underestimated.
    Onwards and upwards, a new man in charge, we can only hope for better more attractive football and bring back the fear factor that everyone used to have about us. No doubt that the winning mentality is back with United, Mourihno is in his dream job and will have a point to prove. Exciting times ahead.

  2. Kevon Robinson

    13 June 2016 at 09:09

    Mourinho thinks right always for Man U… he is one of the ideal coaches!!!

  3. Manchester United Package

    19 July 2016 at 16:26

    I think Jose needs to do the talking on the pitch. He is constantly talking in the media. He needs to relax and do his work on the pitch. I am backing him massively but I do think he needs to reign it in a little bit.

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