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Roundup: Vidic, Evans, Tevez, Heinze

Manchester United CrestThere were quite a few stories that, I admit, I didn’t cover over the past few days. Not that I wasn’t aware of them. Just that I was swamped with work (in my real life, that is) that I couldn’t get to the part of writing posts.

Today’s round up will certainly not be comprehensive. Nonetheless, it will refresh things for those living under a rock for the past 2-3 days.

There is an interview with Nemanja Vidic on to mark the launch of the Chinese version of He talks about new signings, pressure of retaining the title and winning the Champions’ League.

Jonny Evans talks about helping United win the title. With the imminent departure of Heinze, one might expect him to get chances at left back in some games at least.

Although if reports are to be believed, we might be interested in Leighton Baines. In fact, he would be a wonderful signing and a much better bet than Gareth Bale.

Various reports point towards a quick resolution to the Tevez dispute. Maybe even as early as Wednesday. There are plenty of different options speculated upon by different papers, but the crux of the matter is that all this seems possible because of the Premier League’s softening of its stance on the situation. West Ham have submitted a proposal to the PL but it is up to Kia to accept the details of the proposal.

Heinze praises Sir Alex Ferguson. Which is weird. Well, he does want to sound diplomatic. But he talks about everything in the world other than his own move to Liverpool. His lawyers seem to have no real case to engineer a move to Liverpool, but funnier things have happened.

Rossi has resurfaced in transfer talk, this time at Napoli. SAF did say Rossi was to return from loan, but I guess, since he never clearly said that he WILL be playing next season for us, there was that bit of ambiguity that the press might be quick to observe. Anyway, it is after all, only agent speak. So we will leave it at that for the moment.

SAF says, Nani needs some more time to become the player to watch out for, and he insists that one shouldn’t get too carried away by the performances in the Asian tour. He still needs two weeks according to the gaffer. The greatest plus of the Asian tour was Nani’s integration into the team setup, and that will hold him in good stead for the new season.
And finally some good news. Hargreaves might start against Chelsea depending on how he fares against Inter. So that means he might be given a few minutes against Inter, which is good to know. I believe, SAF intends to use the Inter game as a dress rehearsal for the Community Shield. So expect to get a preview of the formation he will use against Chelsea, from the Inter game.

And that should wrap up my back log of news roundup.