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Roundup: Saha’s Enlightenment, Nutty Takeover Bids, The Portugeezers’ Romp and More

Morning all. Yes, the daily roundup is back! Let’s get it quickly out of the way. So without any meaningless banter from my side, here goes.

Louis Saha feels very happy about his goal, and affirms his commitment to the team. He also says that he is now completely aware about how not to get injured. We must appreciate him for his realization. It’s taken him awhile but it sure is welcoming. Although, his reasoning seems a little odd:

“I know exactly how not to get injured,” stated Saha.”All I have to do is play without full commitment. But I won’t do it, I can’t do it.

WTF? So does that mean he was not committed to us all this while he was injured? Oh well, he’s realized things, so we hope his new found knowledge about his body anatomy will fetch us more goals.

The Glazer’s for the 976th time since the season began have denied another takeover bid for the club. While the amount of 1.5 bn allegedly offered for the club might seem outrageous, it is certainly in keeping with the value of the club. Personally, we’ve had enough uncertainty to deal with already with the Glazer takeover. Many of us are still cautious about the Glazer business model. We just can’t take another bid from another money hungry group. It would be too tiring and I’m sure we all agree we’d rather talk football instead of writing pages about takeover bids and its financial implications. Thankfully, for the moment at least, the Glazers have resisted the temptation, if there was a bid in the first place.

Finally, Ronaldo, Anderson and Nani were involved in an ‘orgy’. I don’t know why I am even talking about this, because after all, it is a part of their own personal life. And Ahmed has covered it in much detail, like an excited teen with his first porno tape. (Kidding!) But more often than not, it is the party lifestyle that sometimes incurs Ferguson’s wrath. We have seen certain Old Trafford careers cut short by some flashy lifestyle. Fergie is sensitive to these matters, especially if they come out in the open. As a boss, he would want to shield the young players from the spotlight – and negative publicity – that this has surely brought about by the media. They will be portrayed as some sort of immoral villains, all for more sales.

Anyway, all I have to say about it is this: Ronaldo, Anderson and Nani, it’s good you lads are having fun and enjoying life in England. So long as you deliver we wouldn’t have a problem, even if you skinny dip with horses and zebras.

Anyway, that’s it for the day. Allow me to head off to bed and rejoice in the Labor Day, here in the US. Not that I am getting any time off work.

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