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RoundUp: Community Shield, VDS, Heinze, Tevez, Rhain Davis

Manchester United CrestGood Morning all. Forgive me if this isn’t the quality of Red Ranter, but I’m just doing my best to step in and provide the news for my fellow Man Utd. fans. Good win for the Red Devils yesterday at Wembley, and with both teams looking pretty good during the game, it looks like the upcoming season will be a good one. There’s a lot of news on the game to get to, so lets get things rolling.

David Pleat at The Guardian checks in with an interesting article on the fitness of both teams. I was quite surprised by the pace of the players on both sides to be honest. I didn’t expect them to be in bad shape, but with the time differences that both teams dealt with, they played a high paced game for most of the match, and made things entertaining.

Sir Alex Ferguson hailed his new United Squad after yesterday’s victory. He is quite right in saying that this was a big win for the team, especially since most of our new signings and others were not available to play in yesterday’s game. I for one am excited to see how Tevez, Anderson, Hargreaves, and Nani are worked into the fold, and if early indications are true, this looks to be a big season for the club.

Excellent job by Edwin Van Der Sar as he won the game for the Red Devils. Good for him, as he was blamed by many(I’m in this group) for the loss to Chelsea in the FA cup final in May. While it will be important for the players up top to score goals, it will be even more important for VDS to bounce back from an off year. As he is in the last year of his contract, and with young Ben Foster waiting in the wings, excellent play could lead to another contract elsewhere, if he isn’t back with Man Utd.

More news on Gabriel Heinze. Heinze is expected to be back in training today. SAF is hoping he shows up, but honestly, if he doesn’t then I say the forget about him. If he can’t respect the club enough to show up to training, then maybe he doesn’t need to be here any more. It pains me to say this because Heinze has always been a favorite of mine, but if this is what he wants, then let him have it. I hope he shows though, because he is important to this team.

The wait will soon be over. Carlos Tevez is expected to make his Manchester United debut Wednesday. United will send squads to both Ireland’s s Glentoran and Scottish side Dunfermline. Here’s hoping Rooney and Tevez are placed on the same squad, although, with Louis Saha and Ole Gunnar Solskjaker still out with injuries, this doesn’t seem likely. One can hope though, right?

And finally, I’ll leave you with a bit of fun for the day. This is a bit of old news, but Man Utd. has signed 9 year old wonder kid Rhain Davis. Let me just say that this kid is amazing, and hopefully will one day proudly wear a Red shirt at Old Trafford. Check this kid out!

That’s about it for me folks. Feel free to discuss, and tell me how I did. The season starts on Sunday. I’m excited, how about you?