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Rossi’s place at Manchester United

Every day, Manchester United is linked to another striker.

One day its Samuel Eto’o, the next day its Fernando Torres, and the next day its Javier Saviola. All of these strikers would be excellent additions to Man Utd, but are they really worth the expensive transfer fees that they will command? Other than Eto’o, the answer is no.

So why not stick with what you have? Give Giuseppe Rossi a chance to keep the striker spot at Man Utd. Because it would be his first time in the starting XI on a regular basis, he should play as the supporting striker to Wayne Rooney. Both he and Rooney could thrive in their new posistions.

Wayne Rooney has the talent to score 30+ goals a season for Man Utd. But because he is forced to stay back to play defense and create in the midfield, he misses out on many scoring opportunities. Because Giuseppe Rossi possesses excellent technical and passing skills, as well as a mind for both passing and goal, he can feed Rooney and if he needs to, create his own shot.

With Cristiano Ronaldo, Ryan Giggs, and Nani playing on the wings, and Hagreaves, Carrick, Anderson, and Scholes providing great passing while holding down the midfield, the combination of Rooney and Rossi could provide Manchester United a top goal scoring tandem for years to come.

Some may say that Rossi is unproven, but without the opportunity to play, we will never know. If Rossi can provide 10-20 goals, he will have provided the same amount of goals a Saviola or Torres would give Manchester United for a lot less money. Once the Red Devils are halfway through their season, they should have a better idea of what Rossi will bring to the table.

If he isn’t cutting it, Saha and Smith should be able to provide the missing goals. If he is loaned out again to a big Italian club, chances are he may not not come back. This could turn out to be a very expensive mistake. Why take the risk? Nani and Anderson are a part of the new youth movement, why not Rossi?