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Rossi vs Nani Videos from Portugal vs Italy U21 game

Giuseppe Rossi and Nani went head on head in the U21 game between Portugal and Italy – here are a few videos from the match:


Well, lately I have even started uploading videos into youtube 🙂 . Check this amazing run of Giuseppe Rossi aka “Joe Red” against Portugal. It also show his strength. Its really pleasing to see him do these runs consistently (he did a few for Parma as well). I hope the lad is given a decent run with Manchester United next season and make him a hot shot instead of buying a hot shot.

In the same match, Rossi was shown a red card (after a second yellow), and I dont think he deserved the second yellow. Watch the video and say for yourself.


I think the lad has a lot of talent and eye for the goal, but he needs to improve his finishing. He also tends to do all by himself the way Cristiano Ronaldo used to do in his first years at United. I hope Ronaldo, Carlos and SAF advice the guy to be a bit more mature and cross/pass whenever needed. Also I wish he hits penalties a little harder 😀

39th minute


41st minute


46th minute


89th minute


91st minute